Russian gold medalist “insulted” by suggestion of same-sex protest kiss

Russian gold medal runner Ksenia Ryzhova is just another home-grown bigot. Now there’s a surprise.

Ryzhova finally spoke out about speculation surrounding the same-sex kiss she gave teammate Yulia Gushchina following their gold medal at Moscow’s World Athletics Championship, an official Olympic trial. Many had speculated that Ryzhova and Gushchina shared a kiss to tweak their displeasure at Russia’s draconian new anti-gay “propaganda” law.

I was suspicious. It seems I was right.

Ryzhova held a press conference yesterday to make clear that she had no intention of protesting Russia’s anti-gay law, and that she’s “insulted” by the suggestion.

Even stranger, Ryzhova seemed to misunderstand the controversy. Rather than realizing that people were speculating about her protesting the anti-gay law, Ryzhova believes that people were speculating as to whether she and her teammate were lesbian lovers.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

France's first legally-wed gay couple share a kiss. Via FranceTVInfo.

France’s first legally-wed gay couple share a kiss. Via FranceTVInfo.

From AFP via France 24:

“Yesterday, I was telephoned 20 times by various publications and instead of congratulating me they decided to insult me with these questions,” she fumed, quoted by the ITAR-TASS news agency.

“Myself and Yulia are both married and we are not having any kind of relationship,” she added, saying the two were very good friends after having trained together for eight years.

“It was a storm of emotions (after winning). And if at that moment we touched lips… I don’t know in whose fantasy this all gets thought up.

“This insults not just us but our trainers,” she added.

First off, you’re an idiot if you think the controversy is about whether you’re lovers.

Second, why is it an insult to suggest that you might be gay?

And third, why would it be an insult to your trainers?  Do Russian trainers have some secret cure for homosexuality that we’re not aware of?

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