Anti-gay Russian MP wants to move Russia’s 4m homeless to ghettos in remote villages

One of Russia’ top anti-gay members of parliament, Vitaly Milonov, is proposing moving the country’s 4 million homeless to “dormitories” in “remote villages.”

Yeah, nothing Hitler about that.

Milonov is responsible for the St. Petersburg law that became the model for Russia’s new anti-gay, anti-trans law that bans “gay propaganda,” and possibly defines propaganda as wearing a rainbow flag or holding the hand of your same-sex spouse.

The St. Petersburg law also ties gays to pedophiles.  That was a particularly nice touch.


Vitaly Milonov (photo credit: sm alien)

Well, you might be surprised to find out that Milonov also isn’t a great fan of the homeless.

Which begs the question of what Milonov would do if you were both gay and homeless.  I’m just kidding.  I think we’re all pretty clear on what Milonov would do then.

Back to the homeless, it seems Milonov is not motivated by anti-homeless animus.  He’s simply worried that the homeless might get cold if they remain free.  So he’s going to give them their own ghetto, in the middle of nowhere.

As we all know, if it’s anything, freedom is cold.

So, just to recap.  Russia is virulently homophobic, violently racist, and they don’t like homeless people either.  Other than that, it should be a super Olympics.

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