Russia working on state-sponsored “cure” as final solution to gay problem

The Russian parliament is working on a state-sponsored “cure” for homosexuality that the Russian government apparently hopes will be a final solution to its ongoing gay problem.

According to Russia Today (a virulently anti-American mouthpiece of the Kremlin), the Russian legislature is working on a measure to provide anonymous government-sponsored “cures” for gay people.

Yes, the Russian government is working on a way to eliminate an entire class of its citizens that it finds morally and politically objectionable.

Can’t you just feel the Olympic spirit?

Russian anti-gay parliamentarian Mikhail Degtyarev. (And I'll ask it again: Do any of these Russian homophobes look straight?)

Russian anti-gay parliamentarian Mikhail Degtyarev. (And I’ll ask it again: Do any of these Russian homophobes look straight?)

The news of Russia’s planned scientific pogrom against gays came from Russian member of parliament Mikhail Degtyarev, who is a Moscow mayoral candidate and expert, apparently, on the “social problem” of menstruation.  Degtyarev explained that the state-sponsored psychologists, psychotherapists and sexologists would help gays “return to normal life and become heterosexuals, as are 95 to 99 percent of our citizens.”

Degtyarev is president of the local fencing association. Among his fencing photos is this beauty in which Degtyarev appears to be preparing to violate Russia's anti-gay propanda law.

Degtyarev is president of the local fencing association. Among his fencing photos is this beauty, in which Degtyarev appears to be moments away from violating Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

With 88% of Russians supporting the country’s draconian new anti-gay law, a law that now threatens Olympic athletes, guests and media, 95 to 99 percent of Russian citizens are hardly what one would call “normal.”

Imagine had a country discussed finding a medical way to rid itself of Jews.  Do you think Coke, Visa and McDonald’s would still be proud sponsors of that country’s propaganda fest?  Fat chance.

One additional note.  Russia’s Degtyarev added that Pride parades (and one assumes holding hands, or wearing rainbow pins) are not really banned under Russia’s new law, provided that the pro-gay act occur late at night, in the dark, with flashlights.  (I’m not joking.  And he actually added “flashlights.”)

It’s going to be awfully hard for New Zealand speedskater Blake Skjellerup to race with his rainbow pin on at night in the dark with a flashlight.  And if he doesn’t, Skjellerup is going to run afoul of Vladimir Putin’s new anti-terror decree that seems to deem gay (and gay-friendly) Olympians like Skjellerup akin to terrorists.

So, gay Olympians apparently now have two choices.

1. They can get cured; or if they refuse to participate in a government-sponsored medical genocide against their own people, they can…

2. Hide during daylight hours and only come out late at night, like vampires (or closeted Russian members of parliament).

Yeah, nothing Nazi about any of that.

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  • rastameaning love

    look at lesley mccalla crime uk and lesley poole on google yahoo and on more web sights world wide ok crime held in uk as she got prove her self

  • You may applaud Russia on other websites henceforth. You are banned.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I assume you are using the “royal we”, your highness. Your imaginary organization cannot be found using google. This quote, “psychological trauma of growing up an addressing persons of same sex as mother and father,” qualifies you for the idiot award.

  • Civilrights Int

    We applaud Russia for their firm stand against homosexual
    marriage. We believe every sovereign State of the world irrespective of
    economic disposition deserves the right to make laws to govern its territory
    devoid of external control/intimidation. We urge all and sundry to respect
    their stand as well as that of other third world countries who deemed it fit to
    prohibit homosexual marriage in respect to culture, societal norms and nature.
    While you believe in the anathema of a man sleeping and consummating with
    another man, there are those who hold fast that such barbaric living is
    suicidal because it saddles heterosexuals alone with the burden of procreation
    to sustain homosexuals which in itself is discrimination of the biggest
    magnitude. It is also expedient for countries that enact homosexual laws to
    circumvent such laws with laws prohibiting such people from adopting children
    born from heterosexual union because they are the victims in all of this and deserve the right to be protected from the dilemma or psychological trauma of growing
    up an addressing persons of same sex as mother and father.

  • kurtsteinbach

    Think of how much these Soviets can improve on what the Germans achieved with modern technology….

  • kurtsteinbach

    What do you mean starting?

  • kurtsteinbach

    You’re right, the Nuremberg Laws did not ban Jews. It only said they could no longer attend schools, Universities, be physicians, be lawyers, be Civil Servants, Be Judges, attend the theater or movies, use public transportation, be out on the street after dark. have more than a certain amount of money, have bank accounts, eat in restaurants, and could only shop during certain hours, couldn’t keep Kosher, and banned Kosher butchering. So, no the Nazis didn’t ban Jews, but they did eliminate them from almost every profession, banned us from making a living, ban us from learning, ban us from eating, ban us from public, and ban us from having money and from putting it in a bank. The current generation of Soviets have learned well their lessons from their Nazi ancestors….

  • kurtsteinbach

    Imagine had a country discussed finding a medical way to rid itself of Jews. Do you think Coke, Visa and McDonald’s would still be proud sponsors of that country’s propaganda fest? Fat chance.

    Didn’t they try that already? Not just the Germans but the Russians?

  • kurtsteinbach

    Try “Find My Representative” under

  • Inis_Magrath

    — “John is comparing Russia to Nazi Germany.”

    That’s right, he certainly is.

    — “this law does not BAN HOMOSEXUALITY”

    The laws of the Nazi regime AT FIRST did not outright ban Jews before the establishment of the forced ghettos, deportations and concentration camps.

  • Eric

    I’m a gay Russian guy living in the US. I have a ton of Russian friends who live in Russia and a few of them are gay. First, I don’t agree with this law and I think in time the attitude of Russian people will change. However, the ridiculous western media propaganda is hilarious. “Journalists” like this d*bag John is comparing Russia to Nazi Germany. First, this law does not BAN HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT TRYING TO CONVERT GAYS!!!! Dumping Stoli vodka and trash talking Russia doesn’t do you any good and only pisses of people, including gay Russians like myself. Russian has a vibrant gay community and there are TONS OF GAY CLUBS ALL OVER RUSSIA!!!!

    If you really want to protest treatment of gay people, first protest countries of the Middle East and Africa which are executing gays.

  • anubis

    Too bad a cure isn’t possible. I would take it in a heartbeat.

  • Ninong

    They’re starting to sound like a nation of Louie Gohmerts.

  • Bill_Perdue

    What I wrote is true, what you wrote is not. I think that a boycott of MSNBC/NBC/Comcast would be much more effective and you oppose it because MSNBC is the Democrats equivalent of the Republican Fox and that putting the needs of party before the needs of the GLBT struggles here and in Russia.

    The vodka boycott will soon be bypassed at an initial and minor development in the fight to aid the GLBT communities.

  • Sounding more and more like Russia is coming up with it’s own final solution campaign. We need to stop this NOW!

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

  • RyansTake

    the anti-immigration fervor has already been stoked. Your fears of other minorities being targeted are already happening. We must stop things before they descend further.

  • RyansTake

    You forgot killing them outright or making things so miserable for them that they commit suicide.

  • FLL

    From this thread:
    Here is your quote (boldface emphasis yours, not mine)

    “The real origins of the August 19th march in Denmark are the vibrant GLBT communities there. Organizers had expected a turnout of
    about 5,000 but it swelled to 14,000 as it progressed.”

    The vibrant GLBT in Denmark became aware of the oppression in Russia back in July, as did the rest of the world, because of the boycott of Russian vodka. Your commentary has been dismissive of the boycott of Russian vodka from the beginning.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Any quotes to back up those lies.

  • Thom Allen

    Yes, it is a partial list, but it’s a good place to start to get to NBC and some of the major sponsors. I did contact My Rep and Sens. Just don’t have a link to post for others to locate their Congresspeople by zip code.

  • Luke James

    Some things that need to be done as soon as possible = #1= visa bans on all backers of this ( and for Ugandan and Nigerian M.P.s ) anti homosexual law to stop them entering all western states # 2 = all western sports people need to same sex kiss on the prize stand = so the gold would turn to the sliver and give a long wet homo kiss ( males kissing males and females doing females ect ) # 3 the backers of the law have claimed to have much backing from western m.p.s congress and senate people = we need these traitors exposed to our people so they can be shamed for there stand . I am not very impressed at the campaign so far = I fail to see how attacking Latvian – Lux alcohol is a protest on Russia ? This needs to end , why are we attacking just what seems like an easy target ? Write to your government and demand visa bans on these un- welcome bigots . The uniforms of western state teams need to be of rain bow design = no can object to the design choice of state teams so long as it includes no words , I do not think little tinny rain bow pins are any answer here . Get these bigots banned from the west = this is what most scares them =so it is what we need to demand of out governments now . I urge all to seek this ban today .

  • FLL

    You were splitting hairs and you know it. You knew exactly what I meant the first time around. You were not “calling me out.” You were complaining about my sentence structure.

  • Stev84

    Are you sure he didn’t mean “fleshlights”? :p

  • That’s a partial list. I’m also contacting the WH and my Senators and Representative.

  • Thom Allen

    URLs, emails, phone numbers to contact and protest:

  • Thom Allen

    Protest here: URLs, emails, phone and fax numbers of some Olympic sponsors, NBC, IOC, USOC, Russian Federation, State Dept. etc.

  • Anonymous

    Unemployment? Not a problem, he gave a big tip to a waitress recently. The people that struggle en mass are beneath him; he’s rich now. He and the Congress cronies are too busy squabbling, taking vacations and not paying for their own water bottles. To say they’re “out of touch” would be an understatement. They’ve checked out.

  • Anonymous

    Presumably there is a punishment for people who “fail” to become normal. This is how it starts. They put people through “tests” that make them seem like they have legitimately done something wrong. Any consequence that follows is seen as deserved by a “difficult” person. I read this and feel sick at the possibilities.

  • I think a chill just went down my spine…and not a good chill either.

    We’ve seen in prior generations what it means to “cure” someone of being gay. Electroshock treatments. Insulin shock. Coercive aversion conditioning and brainwashing. Castration. Imprisonment or involuntary confinement to mental institutions.

    What’s happening in Russia is getting scarier by the day.

    In addition to writing the Olympics sponsors, another item on my urgent To Do list is to contact my Congresscritters and the White House to urge them to add “being LGBT in Russia” to the list of conditions allowing for political asylum here in the U.S.

  • How do you know their ‘cure’ doesn’t include this, should someone be declared ‘intractable’ in being converted back to heterosexuality?

    I’m sorry, but I can’t even put an “at least” in front of what they have planned already, which includes seizing the children of gay and lesbian couples.

    Pogroms may have different features at different times, but it’s still a pogrom.

  • Thom Allen

    Procrustesian: Russia’s current anti-gay “propaganda” law and others.

    Procrustes was a man in Greek mythology who invited travelers into his home for a meal and overnight rest. He bragged that he had a bed that was a perfect fit for everyone. It was a perfect fit because he stretched those who were too short for the bed or cut off the feet of those who were too long.

    Russia seems to be doing just the same thing now as Procrustes did. Those who don’t fit the “bed” are going to be modified until they DO fit. Russia will provide treatment to make gays as normal as other Russians. Then they can run the streets and attack individuals who aren’t Russian-type normals. They can then help Russian propagandists unhomosexualize noted Russians from history who were unequivocally gay. They can then help convert all of those Muslims in the Russian Federation to Orthodox Christianity, maybe convert the Jews and atheists, too. Then they can volunteer on EMS helplines to help get ambulances for all of those normal Russian women who need to be rushed to ERs monthly for those horrendous menstrual cramps and water-weight gain that brings the female Russian workforce to a standstill. Of course, if those trips to the ER become too costly, there are always surgical methods to prevent menstruation.

    The Russians can’t even seem to do “Brave New World” right. Their version is more like “Cowardly New World.”

    Let’s all applaud the Procrustesian Sochi Games. Come into my home, world, I have the perfect bed for you . . .

  • emjayay

    I just try to skip comments that I start figuring out are by ideologues of some sort who are just going on and on with their little intramural arguments. Or habitual name-callers or rant and ravers. Saves time.

  • jomicur

    One thing I disagree with is people who go back and re-edit their comments when they’re called out, to try and whitewash what they’ve said.

    There is no way individual LGBT people in this country can pressure either the Russian government or the IOC directly. What we CAN do is pressure their corporate fellow travelers, Coke, VISA, NBC and the rest; if they feel enough heat, they in turn will pressure Putin and the IOC to act. I have been doing exactly that, as have most of my friends, and for the life of me I can’t fathom why any thinking LGBT person would have a problem with it. I don’t follow Bill Perdue’s comments scrupulously (as you seem to do, weirdly), but my sense is that what he’s been arguing for is precisely the kind of action I and my friends have been taking. I am more than willing to stand by it.

  • FLL

    You always put support for the present Russian government above support for lgbt Russians, which is why you consistently advise everyone to avoid boycotting Russian products or putting any international pressure on the Russian government. Obvious malice.

  • Fireblazes

    That is exactly what the Nazis tried to come up with. “The Final Solution”

  • FLL

    Pardon the ambiguity in the sentence construction. I fixed it.

  • Couldn’t Russians make use of their resources to other more important matters? What do they hope to accomplish by “curing” homosexuality?


    Limo Service Thousand Oaks

  • Exactly, yet.

  • Ken Clark

    Time to dig up some dirt on Russian Parliament members there must be someone hiding in the closet there.

  • dcinsider

    “First they came for the gays, and I said nothing because I wasn’t gay . . . . ”

    Not sure I’d want to be ANY minority in Russia in the coming years. Right after the closing ceremonies they will probably turn the Olympic Village into a concentration camp.

  • jomicur

    In one sentence you both claim that Perdue “always advises” pressuring the IOC and Putin’s government and boycotting Russian products AND you claim that he opposes such measures. In one and the same sentence. Fascinating.

  • Hue-Man

    Degtyarev explained that the state-sponsored psychologists, psychotherapists and sexologists would help gays “return to normal life and become heterosexuals, as are 95 to 99 percent of our citizens.”

    The Handbook has already been written and just needs to be dusted off. “Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union”

    Translation: Help them into the Gulag where they can then be tortured and disappeared because obviously they are mentally ill and a danger to wholesome Russian society.

  • jomicur

    As horrific as this mass torture program is, at least they’re not talking about castration, either chemical or surgical. YET. Can those measures be far in the future?

  • Bill_Perdue

    Obama’s not going to do anything real about this, or about unemployment, or about a gun culture, or etc., etc., etc. That’s because he’s a Democrat politician and they’re Republicans in drag.

  • Bill_Perdue

    You’re upset because you’re a Democrat and I call for boycotting NBC-Comcast-NBC. You think that’s bad because MSNBC is a front for Obama and the Democrats in the same way that Fox is a front for Republicans. You’ve always put support for Democrats over support for GLBT russians.

    Boycotting the homophobes at NBC and others pandering US companies will put pressure on Putin and the IOC, as well as actions against Russian owned companies. I remain committed to supporting our Russian brothers and sisters – and I can’t understand why you’re agaisnt them and their planned action at Sochi. The main question is not how to help Democrats but how to help our Russian brothers and sisters who are under the gun.

    If you want to pretend that “These homophobic pigs – a potentially lethal combination of stalinists and cultists – are trying to shove people back into the closet.” is pro Putin then you can but it’s just another of your lies.

  • MichaelS

    Shock therapy. Clockwork Orange, anyone?
    And might as well apply it to left-handed people as well, since they’re not part of the 85 to 92 percent of Russian citizens who are right-handed.
    And why stop there? I suppose all gingers will have to be shaved bald, since they’re not part of the 98 percent non-gingers.
    Gee, if only our White House could exercise some leadership in this little matter… Oh, I forgot, we already got our obligatory speech bemoaning the situation.

  • FLL

    Let “our Russian brothers and sisters” take care of the problem, and don’t dare put any international pressure on the IOC or Putin’s government, or boycott Russian products.
    (Why not? Because the IOC and the Russian government is to your liking, of course.)
    Your malice is only too transparent. No one is fooled.

  • FLL

    I think I can see the angle that these evil-minded legislators are working. They can use this government program to justify lgbt Russians being killed, maimed or injured with no consequences for the criminals. After all, according to the inevitable logic of Putin’s government, the victims had every opportunity to participate in this government program to turn them straight, and they wickedly refused to take advantage of the government program. Therefore, so the Kremlin line will go, the victims are the guilty ones.

  • Bill_Perdue

    These homophobic pigs – a potentially lethal combination of stalinists and cultists – are trying to shove people back into the closet.

    We have to support our Russian brothers and sisters – -and make it hard for homophobic groups like NBC-Comcast-MSNBC and other sponsors by boycotting them and divesting from them.

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