Russia’s zombie pigeons, and more: An open thread

Hello friends,

Time for another open thread round-up:

  • Man working on the Creation Museum in Kentucky is struck by lightning. Hard to read something like that and not think there’s a message in there somewhere. (Don’t worry, he was only injured.) Meanwhile, another Creationist demonstrates again there’s no cure for stupid, or the lack of a decent science education.)
  • Zombie pigeons fall from the Russian sky. No, I did not make that up. Honest! Apparently it may be caused by a disease that causes lethargy, apathy, and foaming at the beak. Either that, or the pigeons all suddenly realized they were living in Russia.
Zombie pigeons in Russia. Really!

Zombie pigeons in Russia. Really!

  • In a serious note — as of the time I write this, the same-sex marriages in Doña Ana county, New Mexico continue. In the linked story, the final remark is “At this point no one has stepped forward to stop the Dona Ana County clerk from issuing marriage licenses, so they will continue to be handed out.” In related news, a lesbian couple living near Santa Fe has filed an emergency court petition to be granted the right to a license there, because one of them, Jen Roper, is dying. (That’s what I mean when I keep harping on the fact we can’t just keep waiting for justice and equality.)
  • In semi-related news, Javier Gonzales came out in a blog post in which he talks about the challenges of growing up as a gay person, making him the second of two openly gay candidates for mayor of Santa Fe, NM. (John? Yes, he’s as hot as his name makes him sound. If you don’t believe me, check out the linked story.)
  • Speaking of mayors, this repulsive piece of work appears finally to be crawling back under the slimy rock where he belongs. Bob Filner, soon to be former mayor of San Diego: Good riddance. Here’s hoping the rest of your life is full of expensive civil lawsuits. I thought about labeling this post with a photo of an exceedingly gross banana slug, but the zombie pigeons won the coin toss.
  • The Spawn of Cheney is held to account for lying on a Montana fishing license application. Liz Cheney’s crime? Claiming to be a resident of Montana for over a year so she’d only have to pay $24 instead of the $92 fee charged for non-residents. (There’s been some speculation it was also a ham-handed attempt to seem like less of a blatant carpetbagger in her not-secret plans to run for the Senate.) She’s had to post a $202 bond in the 9th Circuit Court in Teton County for her act of filing a false statement on an official state form. Sometimes the 0.01% really do let their arrogance and greed hang right out there.
  • And finally in this edition of random open-thread news, helpful instructions for folks down my way when we’re shipping this year’s crop of Hatch chiles to friends out of state. The advice: Be sure to label packages with, “Contents: Pungent Capsicum Peppers. Origin: New Mexico.” Honestly though, I don’t know why we’re sharing our magnificent chile peppers with anyone. C’mon, read my bio blurb and you’ll see why I had no choice but to include this item.

Until next time…

Late update: About two dozen NM GOP (are we at all surprised at this?) state legislators have announced they plan to file suit as early as Friday (8/23/13) afternoon to stop Doña Ana county from issuing any more marriage licenses, and to prevent any other county from doing the same. State Senator William Sharer, R-Farmington says he feels it’s up to the Legislature to decide this, not the county clerks. (Actually, right now it’s up to the courts…)

As of Thursday evening, 82 marriage licenses had been issued to same-sex couples.

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