“It’s amazing how one single instrument can sound like so many dying cats”

“It’s amazing how one single instrument can sound like so many dying cats.” – a comment left on YouTube after watching this video.


I’m traveling to France today for my annual work-battical, house-and-cat-sitting for Chris in Paris while he and his wife Joelle are on vacation.  I of course will still be working full-time while in France, but at least it’s a (very nice) change of venue.

This also serves as my annual medical-tourism jaunt – my insurance has an annual limit on prescription coverage of $1500, so unless I go to France, I end up paying a lot of money out of my own pocket for my asthma drugs, such as Advair, that gouge Americans with absurdly high (and ever-increasing) prices in order to subsidize cheap sales of the same drug in Europe (Advair is four to five times more expensive in the US than in France – and while the price doesn’t ever go up in France, it’s gone up 30% in recent years in the US).  I calculated that I’ll save $1600 buying my Advair in Europe, which more than pays for my flight over.

As an aside, Obamacare eliminates the annual limits on new health insurance plans, but not on grandfathered plans like mine.  I can switch to one of the new plans, and pay another $2500 a year for that coverage, in order to have all my prescriptions covered, but that’s another two and a half grand that I don’t really have.  So, until it’s cheaper to pay for the more expensive insurance, than to fly to France for a month, I’ll take Paris over Blue Cross any day.

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