Hot models and smart lesbians, a very Russian open thread (video)

Masha Gessen, a Russian journalist and lesbian activist, who authored a critically-acclaimed biography of Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke last night at the Queer Nation NYC meeting about the ongoing organizing around Russia’s anti-gay crackdown.

She did a great job talking about the situation in Russia, and why a strong response from the international community can and will  make a difference.

First, a quick snippet from Masha about what we can hope to achieve, and why fighting back against Russian homophobia matters:

Then a longer segment of Masha’s thoughts on why it’s important to fight back and stand up against the Russian government:

And finally, a Belgian fashion designer has created a line of men’s boxer shorts called “From Russia With Love,” to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The video of the hot boys in their boxers is, I believe, in Flemish. But really, who cares :)

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