Must-see video: Gay reporter hijacks Russia Today TV interview to protest anti-gay law

I’m not a big fan of conservative gay writer Jamie Kirchick – who in a column once misattributed a “feeling” to me that he somehow gleaned over the telephone during an interview, then refused to correct his error – but this rocks.  Kirchick was invited on Russia Today – possibly the Kremlin’s most virulently anti-American propaganda network – to talk about the Bradley Manning verdict (Manning just got 35 years).

When they turned to Kirchick, hoping to get an American who would criticize America on Kremlin TV, Kirchick instead slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders (which are now illegal in Russia) and started criticizing Russia’s draconian new anti-gay/anti-trans law.

Russia Today TV, a propaganda mouthpiece of the Kremlin, reportedly told a Stockholm cab company to drop gay reporter Jamie Kirchick along the highway, in the middle of nowhere-Sweden, as retaliation for Kirchick using his appearance on the network to criticize President Putin’s draconian crackdown on gay and trans Russians.

gay-reporter-russia-todayKirchick started by calling Russia Today (also known cryptically as RT, lest anyone realize they’re actually just Russian propagandists) a “Kremlin-funded propaganda network.”

It got better from there. As he slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders while on live TV, Kirchick said:

“Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network, I’m going to wear my gay pride suspenders and speak out about the horrifically anti-gay legislation that Vladimir Putin signed into law.”

Wow, actual news on RT. Whodathunkit?

Kirchick went on for an other two minutes while the hosts, ineffectively, tried desperately to change the topic.

Jamie, you still seriously tick me off.  But you done good.

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