Russians film brutal video of attack on transgender woman

Russian anti-gay/anti-trans vigilantes have posted a showing five Russian men participating in the brutal beating of a trans woman.

As we’d reported earlier, violent anti-gay and anti-trans vigilante groups have cropped up around Russia, with the goal of luring young gay and trans kids in to a meeting, then kidnapping, beating and torturing them, while filming the entire thing and then posting it on Russian social media.

I tried to upload a copy of the video to YouTube, to keep it safe, but YouTube immediately banned it. So I’m waiting for their terms of service people to review it and understand that it’s not a pro-bashing video. It’s about exposing these horrific people, and the government that inspires them and lets them get away with this kind of hate.

The Russian government refused to investigate these crimes, even with videos clearly showing the hometowns and faces of the perpetrators.  Only a week or two ago, when the international press picked up on this story did the Russian authorities claim they would investigate. No word on anything they’ve done to solve and stop these crimes.

The Russian government has fomented an even worse than normal climate of hate in the country against gay and trans people with the recent passage of a draconian law banning gay “propaganda,” which pretty much bans anything any gay or trans people might do or say in public that might suggest they are gay or trans.

The Russians have said repeatedly that gay, trans and gay-friendly Olympic athletes, guests and media will be subject to the new law during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

That, added to the overall intolerance for racial minorities in Russia as well, have many people understandably concerned about the safety of those attending the Olympics.

You should be able to view the video for now on this Russia social media site, I’ve got screen captures below.

The title of the video refers to the person being beaten as a “homosexual” (they don’t even understand the difference between being gay and being trans), and then, troubling, the title continues “view from 16 years old.” I’m wondering just how old this person is. We’re going to have to wait for some Russians to translate it.

The 3 minute video begins with the men approaching the trans woman in a park.  Their friend is filming the attack. The man to the left pretends to use his left arm to prepare to strike her, and instead strikes with


They proceed to kick her in the head, all over her body, and drag and throw her around the park.  Here she’s cowering in fear as they kick her in the head:


Three of them attack her at once:


Here they drag her around the park by her underwear:


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