Woman, deaf since 2, hears for first time (video)

A woman who lost her hearing at the age of two, but could still hear somewhat with hearing aids, then found that she was losing even the ability to hear with the hearing aids.  So she and her husband decided it was time to try a cochlear implant.  The results were remarkable.


Here’s her husband describing their situation on YouTube:

My wife lost her hearing when she was 2.5 years old. Doctors told her family she would never be able to talk. She was able to hear for a while with hearing aids. When I meet her she was still able to hear with the aid of hearing aids. We got married and slowly I noticed her hearing getting worse. We tried new hearing aids and nothing seemed to help. The doctors suggested that we think about the cochlear implant. At the time my son just came into the world, so we both decided it would be best to wait. Two years later we said now is a good time to do it… This is the video of the device getting turned on for the first time. The following day she was out side with my son and heard a noise and my son who is 2.5 said birdie tweet tweet. We just want every one to know how well these things work.



Start watching the video from about 2 minutes in – I’m trying to set it up so it starts there:

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