Weekend cooking – Greek coffee (video)

Personally I enjoy this kind of coffee and I’ve had this style both in Greece as well as in Egypt and Jordan. If there are any readers out there that know what the difference is between Greek or Turkish or Arabic coffee, please jump in and let us know.


A couple of summers ago when we were in Jaffa (a town that I really loved) I popped into my local for a morning coffee and breakfast and made the mistake of asking for a “Turkish” coffee. I was quickly corrected by the (Palestinian) shop owner who told me they had “Arabic” coffee. It was delicious.

You will have to deal with a few minutes of the heat for this but hey, it’s coffee and coffee is always worth a few minutes of trouble. This is a fun video (for me, at least) because here’s a son asking his mom to show everyone how to continue the coffee making tradition brought over from the old country.

I suspect John has had moments like this in his home, as many of us have had over the years. With the Greeks, this means nice coffee as well as plenty of other nice foods. In my case, our meals (Ireland, on both sides) were a lot more about boiled food, and that’s okay on occasion, but perhaps not as tasty as meals from the Mediterranean cultures.

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