Weekend cooking – Chocolate mousse (video)

For years, our sweet little neighbor upstairs in the building used to deliver bowls of her chocolate mousse to a few us lucky people. Before retirement, she ran a brasserie in St. Germain, so she could cook some fantastic meals. Very old school and at times heavier than what’s available today, but it was consistently good.

But it was her chocolate mousse that wowed us all the most. So simple and so quick to prepare. We’d finish the bowl and return it and a few days later, she’d come knocking at the door with another bowl. Her little trick was to add touch of coffee (even a bit of instant coffee works) to give it a bit more depth, but it’s fine without it as well.

As the famous Raymond Blanc says, it all comes down to the quality of the chocolate. Don’t even bother using a lousy chocolate, because you can’t hide it with so few ingredients. I exclusively use organic eggs (it’s one of the few items that I always buy organic) but the better the quality, the better the end result.

You will have to spend a few minutes by the heat to make this, but serving it, it will be chilled.

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