Fireworks explode into crowd at SoCal July 4th show, 28 injured (video)

A rather terrifying video of a 4th of July fireworks show going terribly wrong in Simi Valley, in southern California (just north of Los Angeles).

One of the launching stations for the fireworks fell over and shot the entire show into the crowd, seated 800 feet away.


28 people were injured with burns and shrapnel, only 8 could be treated at the scene, a full 20 got sent to the hospital, according to the local NBC affiliate. (H/t to reader PerlJammer for pointing me to the video.)

Some of the clips from the video of the fireworks mishap – the video is posted below – are oddly beautiful:


Here’s the video, it’s pretty wild:

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  • cole3244

    not only are the amateurs fools when dealing with fireworks but also the supposed pros, my cats think as i do, end the fireworks nonsense now.

  • Same here

  • Indigo

    I’m no fan of fireworks.

  • 1jetpackangel

    We celebrate via explosions in pretty colors because we can, and for the same reason we can get 24oz to-go cups of liquid sugar and charge hellacious fees for basic utilities and healthcare compared to other first-world countries: because this is America, that’s why.

  • DonewithDems

    I hate fireworks. They make my dogs suffer for days afterwards. Given the harm they do to animals and to veterans with PSD, I think they should be banned. They are dangerous explosives that we treat like toys. I’ve never understood celebrating our freedom with the sounds and explosions of war.

  • BillFromDover

    Wells get polluted, airplanes crash and Fireworks God attack crowds.

    Welcome to 2013.

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