AP’s “vodka cam” records NYC gay protest against Russian vodka (video)

I’d posted photos earlier of the vodka-dumping protest at the Russian consulate in NYC, sponsored by a number of groups, including Queer Nation and the Russian LGBT group RUSA-LGBT. And now we have video.  #dumpstoli


The event was held to protest Russia’s recent brutal crackdown of gay and trans people in that country.  In response, the lgbt community and our allies launched a worldwide boycott of Russian products, specifically targeting Russian vodkas, like famed-brand Stolichnaya.

The best coverage of the event, by far, goes to the Associated Press, that had a “vodka-cam” set on the ground where the Russian liquor was going to be poured out.

A sign held by protesters at today's vodka-dumping protest held outside the Russian embassy in NYC.

A sign held by protesters at today’s vodka-dumping protest held outside the Russian embassy in NYC.

Here’s AP’s video:

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