Amateur video of the Asiana plane crash in San Francisco

This appears to be the only video of the actual plane crash of Asiana flight 214, that happened this past weekend at San Franicsco’s airport, at least that I can find.

Asiana 214

With 291 passengers on board Asiana 214, only 2 people died, which is pretty remarkable. In the video below, the airplane appears to cartwheel.  Though it also looks like the pilot tries to keep the nose up, they hit with the tail first, the tail breaks off, then one of the wings hits the ground, digs in, and the plane pivots with the back of the plane swinging all the way to the front.

Truly amazing that only two people died.

And here are the apparently Air Traffic Control conversations with the airplane during the emergency landing. Somewhere around a minute and a half into the audio, the plane presumably crashes. It’s amazing how measured the conversations are. These guys are seriously professional.

Here’s another look at the same video, with an interview with the man who filmed it:

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