Time-lapse: 12 hours at Tahrir Square protests in Egypt (video)

Tahrir Square is the site of the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Egypt.


This is a neat time-lapse of a 12 hour period, condensed into 30 seconds.

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8 Responses to “Time-lapse: 12 hours at Tahrir Square protests in Egypt (video)”

  1. cole3244 says:

    it is inevitable.

  2. karmanot says:

    Revolution 101: with nothing to lose, we’ll take theirs.

  3. perljammer says:

    Overthrow of a democratically elected government only a year after it was put in place by popular vote. Suspension of the constitution. Promises by the military of new elections at an unspecified future time.

    The Islamists whose government was just kicked out have never been fans of democracy; now, they have to be wondering why they ever went down that road. Here’s a quote from Essam el-Haddad, one of Morsi’s closest advisors: “Today only one thing matters. In this day and age no military coup can succeed in the face of sizeable popular force without considerable bloodshed. Who among you is ready to shoulder that blame?” In the meantime, the military is warning of “decisive action” against violent protests.

    Civil war, anyone?

  4. cole3244 says:

    american idol and the nfl are the only things worth fighting for in america, politics and voting are an unnecessary annoyance, but take the franchise away from the procrastinators and they will scream like hell until it is reinstated, then again apathy.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    Excellent video – Tahrir Square is ground zero in the fight for fundamental change. Thanks John.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    What began two years ago in Tunis and Cairo is being re-energized and renewed as the global fight for economic and political democracy heats up and as leftists and unionists tire of the right wing and their delays. That’s true in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia,Turkey, Greece, Portugal, England, South Africa and Spain and elsewhere.

    And above all it’s true here. austerity, lower wages and union busting are the joint work of Democrats in the WH, Congress and state government, especially Obama, and Republicans in state government and Congress.

    They’ve been at it since Carter and Reagan and under Clinton, the Bushes and Obama they’ve stepped up the pace. Because of union busting union membership is way down “There is a long-term downward trend since 1983, when union membership stood at 20.1% of all wage and salary workers… .” Now it’s a bit above 11%, almost halved and most of that among public workers, which is why union busters like Rahm Emanuel, Obama, Jerry Brown, Walker and others are going after them. http://www.ilo.org/washington/ilo-and-the-united-states/spot-light-on-the-us-labor-market/union-membership-us/lang–en/index.htm

    Wages and the standard of living have dropped in lockstep with attacks on unions. “Average family income (in real terms) more than doubled from 1945 up until the Seventies, while unemployment steadily fell until it reached 4% in the Sixties. … The United States has one of the widest rich-poor gaps of any high-income nation today, and that gap continues to grow. In recent times, some prominent economists including Alan Greenspan have warned that the widening rich-poor gap in the U.S. population is a problem that could undermine and destabilize the country’s economy and standard of living stating that “The income gap between the rich and the rest of the US population has become so wide, and is growing so fast, that it might eventually threaten the stability of democratic capitalism itself”. Wiki

    Capitalism, the system of rule by kleptomaniacs, banksters, and plutocrats is creating the conditions for it’s own death. In the US the campaign by the Obama administration and his political allies in both parties in Congress to strengthen US impose greater austerity and wages cuts is the ultimate origin of the degradation of the working class.

    Internationally and domestically working people’s response to imposed austerity may be in it’s infancy and moving in fits and starts but it’s spreading and growing much more militant – globally most of these uprisings are led by unions and young people and they make good use of the internet to organize and educate.

    In Greece and Egypt the uprisings have become pre-revolutionary situations and that too is likely to spread. Working people and small farmers are escalating their struggles against pauperization, falling wages, mass unemployment, inflation in food and energy and imposed austerity. In the US we need workers parties and a workers to regain prosperity and begin to develop real democracy.

  7. karmanot says:

    The people of Egypt realize the precious nature of freedom and democracy and take to the streets, while Americans bleat like sheep, go shopping and/or follow along with the destruction of two centuries of democracy…… pathetic

  8. cole3244 says:

    power to the people everywhere, let the takers beware, they can only push the meek so far then they will take not inherit their rightful place in society by either peaceful protest or if necessary by forceful action.

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