Video of Jason shaving Warlow on True Blood because Friday (video)

A reader sent in the memorable scene from this week’s True Blood episode when Jason shaves Warlow in a dream.


If you don’t watch True Blood, and simply like hot men, watch the video. The story doesn’t actually matter :)

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  • s

    are you joking?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    If they are twinks, I’m definitely changing my mind about twinks.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    That’s convenient.

  • Thom Allen

    Part vampire, you say? Perhaps that’s why I found this large wooden stake at hand.

  • Jimmy R

    I hate vapid hairless twinks, too, but these boys ain’t that. Neither is anywhere near hairless. In fact, a cursory glance will confirm a lovely bit of fur on both their chests. They’re both tasty. Jason has always had a delicious dumb appeal, and this new Ben will likely be the reason I’ll tune back in this season.

  • emjayay

    Um, what was he checking out under the covers?

  • Wah, Ah just dropped my man fan. :-)

  • Now, that works.

  • I’m gay and think the show is infantile and boring.

  • DastiusKrazitauc
  • chris10858

    I can’t wait to see what real plans Ben/Werlow has for Sookie. It seems he is doing things for a purpose but is going out of his way not to hurt people… yet he killed all those other faeries. Plus, why did he save Jason’s life that night if all he wanted was Sookie? Seems he has treated Jason tenderly in each scene.

    Maybe he will kill off that whiny Sookie and he and Jason can live happily ever after? haha

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I don’t think I would describe that one guy as a twink. Try closing your eyes and listening. Now imagine that the performers are Jude Law and Hugh Jackman.

    Excuse me. I need some alone time.

  • Jim Olson

    Quite sure. Vapid hairless twinks acting badly just doesn’t do it for me. ;)

  • DastiusKrazitauc

    And sadly, in the case of a male human being saved by a male vampire’s blood, that sexual bonding never goes beyond one panic-inducing erotic dream. I always hoped they would return to the Sam/Bill bond, but they never did.

  • gaylib

    Are you sure you’re gay?

  • Indigo

    I’m a True Blood fan since it started on HBO six years ago. Rarely miss an episode! Love Jason! Love Eric! Love Bill! Love Sam! Respect Pam! Totally don’t care about Sookie! This is a sweet scene, one of the better ones, actually, but wait . . . there’s a story line?

  • FunMe

    “Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Do you wanna do me now?”

    I need to start watching that show! :-)

  • woodroad34

    I don’t see a thread about the Orson Scott Card debacle about his plea for gay rights people to tolerate his beliefs in view of the overthrow of Prop 8 and the Ender movie that’s coming out–along with Lionsgate inept plea against the boycott by Geeksout.

  • woodroad34

    apparently when Jason wakes up he was hoping his “boy” would go down

  • woodroad34

    It was meant to be. In the show, Ben saves Jason by giving him some of his blood. Ben is a Faerie/vampire hybrid; so once you’ve been saved by a vampire’s blood, there’s a sexual bonding.

  • Who ordered dessert?

  • Jim Olson

    I don’t get the appeal.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but that dialogue seemed very suggestive.

  • Down, boy.

  • dddavid

    It’s a bit of a spoiler to call him by that name. That isn’t revealed until the end of the episode. I think the name he was going by was Ben.

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