Scary as hell video of a car crash

Just wow. I hope the woman is okay, but the video is rather amazing, in terms of capturing real life (don’t worry, it’s not gory).


And turn down your audio – some people have complained that the video gets too loud after the “wait for it.”

As always, nowadays, I question the veracity of any video. But I do think this one appears real. Just wow, if it is.

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  • UncleBucky

    OK, Eastern Europe is off my bucket list. I want to have a bucket list I can complete.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    I did that — and it’s true, search youtube for ‘russian car crash’ for hours of teeth-gritting entertainment.

    I’ve heard the dashboard cams are also because of Russian law which requires people to prove that they weren’t at fault in accidents in insurance claims. (heard this in a conversation, not sure if it’s true.)

  • must. install. dash cam….

  • gowian

    Wow, I’m usually pretty cynical about “Watch this crazy video”, but that was nuts. I just about recoiled in my seat.

  • David

    They aren’t speaking an East European language. Sounds Asian to me.

  • mr_ed

    The consumption of huge amounts of alcohol explains the male life expectancy in the eastern countries of 58 years.

  • emjayay

    And also I think protection against drivers who intentionally cause accidents, which probably aren’t investigated or the cops are paid off and maybe the judges too, maybe all already in collusion. And of course everyone being drunk out of their minds all the time on vodka.

  • mr_ed

    This is basically a Russian obsession, based on the need for self protection against corrupt cops who are easily bribable. Search russian accidents for hours of such fun, and some of the worst driving you’ve ever seen. Some, of course, show the driver at fault!

  • SkippyFlipjack

    I don’t see reason to doubt it. I remember reading a few months ago when that video was circulating of the crash of a cargo plane over a highway that dash-mounted cameras were pretty common in that corner of the world (I think it was an Eastern European country.) They haven’t really caught on here outside of the cops I think.

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