11 seconds of brutal honestly about the Royal Baby, from the BBC (video)

In 11 seconds of brutal honestly rarely seen on network television, a BBC reporter inadvertently let the truth slip through about the non-stop coverage of the Royal Baby.


BBC: “Plenty more to come from here. Of course, none of it news… but that won’t stop us.”

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  • Paula2

    Why, there were British settlers on the Islands before Argentina existed as a country. In the 1830s Argentina was a fraction of its size but it expanded by carrying out a program of genocide against its neighbours and settling their lands. The Falkland Islands were settled peacefully by the British and have been a peaceful and happy place for 180 years except for the months of the Argentine occupation.
    It is generally accepted that the era of colonialism is over and that places should be governed by the people who live there. Why should the Falkland Islanders be forced to be governed by aggressive corrupt alien masters.
    Your desire to reignite colonialism is rather antiquated.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Las Malvinas belong to Argentina.

  • Paula2

    I think they should follow the Spencer family tradition and name the boy after a biscuit.

  • Paula2

    Settlers in the Falkland Islands have the right to be Falkland Islanders, oh no they don’t because Bill Perdue has decided they can’t.

  • Paula2

    You have already said that economic democracy is socialism. Now you are saying you can’t have democracy without socialism. So you can’t have democracy unless we choose a form of governance that you Bill Perdue has personally chosen for us. Sure that’s democracy. Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Bill Perdue.

  • Paula2

    You fail to mention that the colony was there with license from the British Government, its inhabitants were from a variety of nations and it could just as easily be regarded as a British colony right up to the point when Argentina appointed the islands only employer as civil and military commanders and annexed the islands without any reference to its inhabitants or other nations.

    On finding out what happened the Royal Navy was sent to correct the situation. After the Argentinian mercenary garrison left the British gave a flag to one of the inhabitants and told him to run it up a flagpole every time a ship approached. Quite a light touch colonial occupation.
    They did not have a permanent official on the Islands until after the former Argentine governors manager was murdered by his workers in protest at getting ripped off.

  • Paula2

    WHy don’t you go and visit the Falklands, talk to the people and see if you still have that opinion when you return.

  • Paula2

    You forget it was the English that accepted a Scottish monarch and later the governments only merged because Scotland was bankrupt and England & Wales needed to rescue it.

  • Paula2

    “The referendum in Las Malvinas was a vote among colonists. It lacks any shred of legitimacy.” – Pretty much the same as any vote in the USA or for that matter Argentina.

  • Dylan Reinsmith

    My name is Dylan Reinsmith, I live in Discovery Bay CA, 94505, Address 3007 castle rock loop. I am a ‘regular citizen’ yet have access to these sites. Please get back to me ASAP. [email protected] Phone: (925)399-2162

    Some one get back to me ASAP!!!!

  • Dylan Reinsmith

    My name is Dylan Reinsmith, I live in Discovery Bay CA, 94505, Address 3007 castle rock loop. I am a ‘regular citizen’ yet have access to these sites. Please get back to me ASAP. [email protected] Phone: (925)399-2162

  • davidinchelseama


  • Bill_Perdue

    I answered that. Settlers in Palestine have the right to be Palestinians, settlers in occupied NE Ireland have the right to be Irish citizens, etc.

  • Silas Duncan

    Senor Perdue,
    How about the USA which sent USS Lexington in 1831 to arrest the pirates operating illeagally there and destroyed the settlement and declare the islands free of all Government, the brits arrived to reoccupy their own territory which had been a home to international bandts for several years.

  • Brad

    So I have no democratic rights? So I should be forced to be Argentine? My family has been here for 6 generations. I’m British, my parents are British so are there parents and so on. Do we have no right to rule the land we live on and have lived on for almost 200 years?

  • Bill_Perdue

    The whole world is insulted by colonialism. In Ireland, in Palestine, in Chechnya and in Gibraltar. If you don’t understand that then you don’t understand the modern era.

    A plaque is not a settlement or a government.

    They have elections in a number of colonies and that means little if they’re colonies. Democracy, without economic democracy and based on colonialism is a sham.

  • Brad

    As a Falkland Islander I find what your saying rather insulting. My family has lived in the Falklands since the late 1800’s, longer than many Argentines can trace there heritage on South America, so by your reasoning they are also colonists who have no rights.

    Also amusing that you pick specific bits from the wiki page, but ignore others “On 20 May 1776 the British forces under the command of Lieutenant Clayton formally took their leave of Port Egmont, leaving a plaque asserting Britain’s continuing sovereignty over the islands.” Argentina or the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata gained Independence long after in 1818. The argument that Spain transferred its territorial holdings to Argentina is a poor argument at best and has never been recognized in international law regarding any former colonial territory. Argentina had no right to grant the Islands to anyone or any rights over them as Britain never relinquished its claim.

    But to be honest its now that matters, not what happened then, and the fact of the matter is we live here and have a democratic right to determine our future and which country we align ourselves with. It has nothing to do with the Empire, we are not a colony, were self governing except for defence and foreign affairs, we give no money to Britain and vice versa, they simply defend our human rights to choose our identity and prosper as a nation (however small lol). If you can’t understand that Bill then you have a very poor grasp of what democracy is.

  • AlexanderHamiltonsGhost

    Bullshit, John. In the States, sure (not entirely certain why anyone there has even the slightest interest in any of this), but for the many countries of which this little guy will one be the head of state, this is most definitely news.

  • Bill_Perdue

    The UK is a colonialist fiction.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m not sure that Vietnamese or Algerians would agree with you about the French.

  • Bill_Perdue

    “On 2 January 1833, Captain James Onslow, of the
    brig-sloop HMS Clio, arrived at the Spanish settlement at Port Louis to request
    that the Argentine flag be replaced with the British one, and for the Argentine
    administration to leave the islands. While Argentine Lt. Col. José María
    Pinedo, commander of the Argentine schooner Sarandí, wanted to resist,[21] his
    numerical disadvantage was obvious, particularly as a large number of his crew
    were British mercenaries who were unwilling to fight their own countrymen. Such a situation was not unusual in the newly independent states in Latin
    America, where land forces were strong, but navies were frequently quite
    undermanned. As such he protested verbally, but departed without a fight on
    5 January. The colony was set up and the islands continued under a British
    presence until the Falklands War.” wiki

    It’s England, not Britain. Britain or the term UK are colonialist fictions.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Nope, they never were Argentine, there was no invasion until the 1982 invasion which was the first time the Argentine government set foot on the soil. Britain, France and Spain all settled the islands in the 1770s leading to a small war after which Spain agreed to cede its claims to the Falkland Islands as part of a general organization.

    Since the Islands were not settled when the Europeans arrived, there is no substance to an Argentine claim based on land rights predating the Spanish conquest and Spain ceded its interest in the territory extinguishing an Argentine claim based on Spanish land rights.

    As irredentist disputes go, the Argentine claim could hardly be weaker. There is no evidence that the native peoples landed, let alone attempted settlement.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Karmanot, you mean like the Darrien bailout?

    The reason for the Union of Kingdoms was that the Scots essentially went bankrupt chasing what turned out to be a vast Ponzi scheme. The local aristocracy lost their shirts and many were forced to sell up which was a prime reason for the clearances. England was forced to step in to stop a complete collapse.

    The song ‘there’ll always be an England’ was written from the English side where the bailout was very unpopular.

    The problem with the Paid and SNP fringes is that the parties are run by rather nasty tinpot nationalist types. The SNP is known as the Tartan Tories. The independence scheme is predicated on England agreeing to allow Scotland to keep a share of certain national institutions after independence.

    Which is where the whole scheme falls down because England Wales and NI are not going to allow any dilution of sovereignty over the British Pound. So either Scotland agrees to have England decide its monetary policy and effectively lose any meaningful independence or it joins the catastrophe known as the Euro or it starts its own currency.

    The main reason the idea was popular is that Scotland currently has North Sea oil. Only that is already starting to tap out and the main new fields are in English waters. The bulk of the gas shale recently discovered is in England as well.

    Scotland has the right to leave the union but not to dictate the terms. It certainly won’t get an automatic share in English institutions as the SNP claims. It will also be required to accept a fair share of the UK national debt.

  • OMG! A news clip shows the little prince all wrapped up, its face hidden, BUT, his little arm popped out and he gave a royal salute! It is rumored that his tiny face looks like a cross between Henry VIII and Chucky the doll. Further, he is bald like his dad! …….. More news later (catches breath)

  • cole3244

    the french helped make us free but we decided to copy the english way, too bad for the rest of the world and we should have copied the french.

  • Moral duty indeed? For the memory of my Scots ancestors nothing would give greater pleasure than seeing the UK bled dry providing aid in reparations for centuries of colonial looting of that nation.

  • ‘Spencer’ would be a good name, after all, it’s the only true British line in that family of Austrio-Germanic usurpers, who had to change their name from Saxe-Coburg Gotha to Windsor.

  • silas1898

    Probably better than the odds on Adolf.

  • Not to mention that Lady Magpie was a great fan of Guilbert and Sullivan.

  • ArthurH

    Here is a tip: The British betting shops are giving 10,000 to 1 odds that the new royal baby will be named Melvin.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I think it’s dangerous when people defend English imperialism and counterpoise Margaret Thatcher to her counterparts in the Argentine junta.

    Las Malvinas were Argentine when the English invaded and took sometime in the 1830’s if memory serves. They belong to Argentina.

  • Monoceros Forth

    I think it’s hilarious when people defend the Argentinian claim on the Falklands–sorry, Las Islas Malvinas, if you want to go along with the old Argentinian line. The only reason the conflict over the Falklands broke out was because the gang of aging military dictators who were running Argentina at the time thought they could score an easy public relations coup de main and bolster their waning grasp on power by invading the Islands and probably hoped that Great Britain would not go to great lengths in response. Unfortunately Maggie Thatcher was PM.

    But, hey, support the ambitions of a pack of corrupt generals if you like. It’s all so long in the past now anyway.

  • Monoceros Forth

    I think that, like a grade-Z film director who cares only about getting the required length of film into the can, the news media cares mostly about filling their time slot with the absolute minimum of effort. A “story” like the birth of the Royal Baby is perfect. There’s practically no work to do and nothing to report except endless and pointless speculation. About all the reporters need to do is stand around.

  • It’s a one paragraph story at best. Every time I turn on a new channel this is what they are talking about. And talking about. And talking about. Yes, it’s news, but there’s nothing there to discuss at length. Congrats to William and Kate on the arrival of their first child. Now back to things that actually matter. Instead we have whole panels speculating about baby names. Really. No wonder no one still respects the “news” media. Leave this drivel to E!

  • Indigo

    I like the royal family. I’d like them better if I were one of them but I’m not. That’s okay too. Somebody has to cut all those ribbons to open all those highways and shopping estates and frumpy buildings that look old but are actually new. It’s all very nice and it helps support my long-standing contention that, really, Europe is best understood as a live-in museum.

  • –the newest addition to the royal parasites.

  • goulo

    If he didn’t consciously mean it as it sounded, then we can at least consider it a revealing Freudian slip… :)

  • “None of it news.”

    Quite right. Britain’s monarchy is the remaining — and very expensive — vestigial organ of outdated, irrelevant feudalism. A hoary cult of celebrity scrambling for relevance in modern times.

  • Bill_Perdue

    England, after centuries of colonial deformations or the Scottish and Welsh economies, should provide aid to help decolonize those nations.

    “The citizens of the Falkland Islands wish to remain under British rule. Are you saying that their desires don’t matter?” Absolutely, they’re colonists and the same goes for zionist colonists in Palestine and English/Scots colonists in English occupied NE Ireland. Hopefully they’d want to stay and be citizens after decolonization.

    Some run away. After the success of the Algerian revolution well over a million French citizens, many of whose families had been there since the 1830’s, ran home.

    ‘m sure that if these colonists on Las Malvinas agreed to be Argentine citizens they could join the very large number of English descended Argentinians.

    To ignore the fact that there are national ruling elites is absurd.

  • Andy4us

    You don’t seem to get it. If Scotland and Wales were to chose to have full independence, then England would be duty bound to provide economic assistance for years, since their economy was tied to the UK, the moral duty would be to provide aid until the countries could stand on their own two feet, much as the UK has done for so many former colonies and now members of the Commonwealth.

    The citizens of the Falkland Islands wish to remain under British rule. Are you saying that their desires don’t matter ?

    As for ruling elites, at this point in time the nationality of any of them doesn’t matter. The banks control the economies, and the rest of us are small pawns.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Wales and Scotland can sign economic agreements with whomever they please – England, Ireland and any other EU nations. With independence they can transform their economies. Hopefully they and and English Republic would move towards economic democracy, aka, socialism.

    The US transformed it’s economy after independence and now England is a dependency of the US ruling elite. So did the Indian peoples and etc. The English ruling elites continue to profit from a parasitic economy, living off the ongoing profits of colonialism in places like South Africa and etc.

    The referendum in Las Malvinas was a vote among colonists. It lacks any shred of legitimacy.

  • Andy4us

    Wales and Scotland will sink into incredible recession without England. They are the US’s equivalent of Red States. As for the Falkland Islands, they just took a referendum and they wish to remain under UK rule.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Abolish the monarchy and the aristocracy and seize their wealth and assets to compensate the Irish, the Kenyans, the peoples of India and etc.


    Reunification and freedom for the people of English occupied NE Ireland, Wales and Scotland and get out of Las Malvinas, Gibraltar, etc.

  • nicho

    Why do I have to sign in twice a day and these scammers are always logged in?

  • cole3244

    the brits really have too much time on their hands.

  • Andy4us

    I’m not sure I get your point. If he had said, “none of it news, but that won’t stop us”, then I would agree with the point I think you are trying to make, which is that the royal baby is a non story. But the fact that he acknowledges that the “official” line will come from Buck Palace just acknowledges the fact that they are providing commentary. Which is, in the 4, 5 or 6yrs I’ve been reading this blog, is all this site is, commentary. As a British citizen living here in the US the last 22yrs, I’m much more pissed about the fact that Cameron tweeted a congratulations !

  • hannah

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