McCain calls for review of “Stand your ground” laws post-Trayvon-Martin death

Republican Senator John McCain has called for a review of “stand your ground” laws, in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s death, and George Zimmerman’s acquittal.

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It should be noted that Zimmerman did not use “stand your ground” as a defense during the trial – he relied on a simple “self defense” defense.

(FYI – I’m in Chicago this week, and in addition to dealing with a sick family member, my laptop is now acting up (the fun never ceases). So bear with me over the next day or so – I’m probably going to be posting more videos than usual for a weekday, as it’s the easiest thing to get up, between reinstalling my laptop operating system. ¬†Nonetheless, I do think it’s interesting that McCain is questioning Stand Your Ground law. ¬†Thanks, JOHN)

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