NTSB intern confirmed fake joke-names for Asiana crash pilots to local TV news (video)

Oh god, this is embarrassing. It took me a second to figure out the “joke.” A local newscaster was reporting on the Asiana plane crash at San Francisco’s airport last weekend, and someone put joke names for the pilots on the teleprompter and left them there. The news host didn’t realize it and read the names:


Let me translate:

Captain Something Wrong

Way too low

Holy f*ck

Bang, ding, ow! (sounds of the plane crashing).

It now turns out an NTSB intern “confirmed” the insane names to the TV station.  But that doesn’t make sense.  Why would an intern say “yes those are the names”? That’s not “acting outside the scope of his authority” – it’s confirming names the intern knew to be false as Captain Sum Ting Wong certainly wasn’t on any NTSB list of pilots, was it?  So the intern lied.

Or were those names on some internal NTSB list?  This answer from the NTSB makes no sense at all.  Or did the intern “give” the local TV station offensive names he made up?


UPDATE: Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show cover the Asiana pilot-names joke snafu (video)

Here’s the video of the newscast, and below that the video of the TV station apologizing.

A reader pointed out that this sounds an awful lot like when ABC Denver mistaken reported the title of Paula Broadwell’s book about her affair with Gen. Petraeus as “All Up In My Sn*tch” instead of just “All Up.”  I’ll have that video at the bottom of this story.

ABC Denver reportedly calls name of Petraeus biography: "All up in my snatch"

ABC Denver reportedly calls name of Petraeus biography: “All up in my snatch”

First, the newscast:

And here’s the apology mentioning the NTSB’s role:

And here’s ABC Denver with the Petraeus snafu:

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