Humpback whales almost eat divers (albeit by accident-ish)

An amazing HD video of some divers almost getting eaten by some humpback whales that were apparently feeding on a huge school of small fish when the fish suddenly swarmed two divers in the water.

The humpbacks then shot out of the water, mouths open, to eat the fish, and nearly ate the men too.

The video is in HD below, so the stills are amazing:

First, the men on the surface of the water.

First, the men on the surface of the water.

Suddenly the men are surrounded by a school of small fish.

Suddenly the men are surrounded by a school of small fish.

Then, the humpbacks surge out of the water to eat the fish, nearly missing one man by a few feet.

Then, the humpbacks surge out of the water to eat the fish, nearly missing one man by a few feet.

Here’s the full video:

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  • Holly12


  • Holly12


  • Speaking as an average human being, I’d be pretty freaked having something that large jumping out of the water next to me, let alone mouth open :)

  • Oh wow, I only vaguely remember that, that is so cool!

  • Zorba

    Hey, hey, K! The whale swallowed his woodworker/father Geppetto, too, don’t forget! Not to mention Geppetto’s pets, Figaro the cat and Cleo the goldfish. Plus Jiminy Cricket! None of them are toothpicks! ;-)

  • Pinocchio—yep, the whale swallowed a toothpick.

  • BillFromDover

    How did Noah build a fish tank big enough to carry two of these beautiful beasts?

    And, not only that, how did he capture ’em?

  • Glenn I

    The divers could have been killed as I’m sure a whale’s jaws are fully strong enough to crush a man’s bones. But the men would not have been eaten. Baleen whales don’t have throats wide enough to take in a human body. And, since they don’t have teeth, the whales wouldn’t have been able to chomp ’em up adequately, even if they wanted to. It’s a great video, though. What an experience!

  • Big among the Christians though: Jonah II, the Sequel.

  • Beautifully expressed samizdat!

  • samizdat

    I’m wondering if these divers did a little research on the feeding habits and techniques of baleen whales. At least with regards to the humpback, the whale(s) will encounter a school of fish, or a group of krill, and proceed to circle around their prey, blowing bubbles out as they go. As the bubbles rise, the prey end up ‘corraled’ into this bubble paddock, and as the concentration of fish/krill reaches its densest point, the whales will rise up through the bubble column, mouths open, until they breach, as shown in the video. The water will be filtered out, leaving their meal trapped behind the baleen.

    Note the presence of a flock of floating birds off to the side, just waiting for a free meal provided by the whales.

  • emjayay

    Not to worry. They would have spit the guy out if they got him by mistake. Humpback whales are equipped for straining out and swallowing hundreds of small fish at a time, not chomping on big mammals. Watch out for the orcas.

  • Butch Fries

    Speaking as a scuba divemaster I can’t believe how hyped this video is. No, the whales didn’t almost eat the divers.

  • Zorba

    Heck, it worked out okay for Pinocchio. And Jonah. Or something. ;-)

  • Bill_Perdue

    And this is why I won’t allow any of these filthy beasts in my pool.

  • Indigo

    Okay. I’ll add that to my reasons for not taking up scuba.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    If you were inadvertently swallowed by a whale it would suck being you, all right.

  • hidflect

    Nothing to add but to note that was so funny. Gentle giants…

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