Forced perspective special effects in The Lord of the Rings (video)

A few neat videos on how filmmakers use “forced perspective” to make Gandalf huge and Frodo tiny in movies like the Hobbit. Interestingly, they’re not different clips strung together – rather they use perspective to make one character huge and the other small.

It’s the same technique people use when taking photos like this:


The first clip isn’t embeddable, but shows you how they use forced serspective in Lord of the Rings.


Then two clips further explaining how the technique is done, and showing some photo examples of the technique of forced perspective.

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  • SkippyFlipjack

    I should have said that differently — “dorks who bought all the DVDs and watched all the additional material” wonder how you missed it :)

    I didn’t watch that other video about the technique yesterday; thanks that was fun

  • I loved LOTR but never saw any of this. Then again, I don’t really watch “live tv” any more. I record stuff, or watch on demand etc

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Lord of the Rings fans are all wondering how you’re only just seeing this now since it was a big part of the press when the movies came out. Really cool stuff still.

  • ruxepokutivi

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    OOT and late, but as I haven’t seen it reported here, there’s been some ugliness at the Seattle PrideFest last Sunday

  • TonyT

    This stuff always blows my mind!

  • Fifi

    OOT and late, but as I haven’t seen it reported here, there’s been some ugliness at the Seattle PrideFest last Sunday

  • Monoceros Forth

    MST3K’s “Forced Perspective” skit:

    Too bad the perspective wasn’t the only thing forced in those Peter Jackson movies!

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