Flash from the past: David Gregory as “One Live Crew” with Karl Rove

It’s Sunday, which means it’s Meet the Press day. And in honor of the host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, I want to post this fun music video — “MC Rove” — shot in 2007. As the YouTuber says:

Karl Rove Rappin At The Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. Disturbing.


Even more disturbing is “television correspondent” David Gregory dancing centerstage and having a wonderful time. Dancin’ Dave, aka “One Live Crew” — be sure not to miss the smile.

As the “top comment” as of this writing says: “Probably the whitest f-ckin thing I’ve ever seen.” (OK, the hyphen is mine.)

Keep this video in mind every time you see Dave playing a journalist on TV. A window into the soul. And disturbing.


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