Flash from the past: David Gregory as “One Live Crew” with Karl Rove

It’s Sunday, which means it’s Meet the Press day. And in honor of the host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, I want to post this fun music video — “MC Rove” — shot in 2007. As the YouTuber says:

Karl Rove Rappin At The Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. Disturbing.


Even more disturbing is “television correspondent” David Gregory dancing centerstage and having a wonderful time. Dancin’ Dave, aka “One Live Crew” — be sure not to miss the smile.

As the “top comment” as of this writing says: “Probably the whitest f-ckin thing I’ve ever seen.” (OK, the hyphen is mine.)

Keep this video in mind every time you see Dave playing a journalist on TV. A window into the soul. And disturbing.


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9 Responses to “Flash from the past: David Gregory as “One Live Crew” with Karl Rove”

  1. emjayay says:

    I was all agreeing and looking for the up arrow while reading the first three sentences.

  2. emjayay says:

    I never saw this before. Even more appalling than Rove and Gregory (at least he didn’t do anything other than demean the entire history of journalism by participating): that black guy. Who is that?

  3. olandp says:

    That should have been the end of anyone’s career. I had seen it before, but watched again in abject horror.

    Is this where the term “nerd prom” came from?

  4. lynchie says:

    They all want to be holding on to the coattails of the 1%. Income alone doesn’t grant access but the 1% know they need to be able to control the ass clowns like Gregory. Basking in the glory of Mr. Evil is no accomplishment, it did however, show that Rove owns him and the rest of the media. It is no different now with the Obama apologists, Maddow and the rest trade their access for undying support of His O’bamaness.

  5. lynchie says:

    I did hurl but I blamed it on the dog.

  6. quax says:

    Unfortunately his acting skills are on par with his dancing. And so he does not portray a journalist very convincingly when on TV. You can always tell that he is just lip-syncing the script.

  7. cole3244 says:

    the nazi’s used to party harty also.

  8. karmanot says:

    That was enough to hurl a good breakfast.

  9. Zorba says:

    Gee, thanks bunches, Gaius. Now I need to go wash my eyeballs out with acid.
    And David Gregory is a frigging pimp. He’s no journalist.

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