Satan was pro-choice, religious right claims

Religious right leader Matt Barber, a far-right anti-gay activist associated with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and who sits on the board of an officially-designated hate group, Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, said during a radio show today that Satan was the world’s first pro-choicer.

Barber was discussing pro-choice advocates and a recent video that showed a lone woman, facetiously yelling “Hail Satan” at a camera during a pro-choice vs anti-choice protest. The woman was sticking her tongue out and, rather than representing serving as the ambassador of The Evil One, seemed pretty clearly to be joking.

Nonetheless, this led Barber to confess that Satan himself was the original pro-choicer:

“The first pro-choicer, frankly, from a spiritual perspective was Satan himself.”

Get it?  Satan gave Adam and Eve the choice to eat the Apple or not, and they chose to eat it?

Of course, the irony here is that, following Barber’s logic, God is actually the original pro-choicer.  While God told Adam and Eve not to eat the apple, clearly God didn’t take the choice away from Adam and Eve, or they wouldn’t have been able to eat it at all.  God said no, but gave them the choice.  And they chose.

As for Satan, he was the guy who tried to get you to do something, not based on the merits, not with full information, but through trickery and coercion.  Sounds like a political party I know, and it’s not my own :)

Of course, why debate the fine points with someone who thinks the pro-choice movement is actually based on Satan.

I’ve often felt that the people who most embody Satan’s values are the haters on the religious right.

First, here’s the “proof” that the pro-choice movement is allied with Satanists:

And here’s Barber’s bizarre comments about this today:

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