Firefighter saves kitten from fire, brings it back to life (video)

Such a sweet, and ultimately sad, story. A firefighter in Fresno, California last week was going through the wreckage of an apartment fire when he saw a kitten, laying on the ground, not moving.

The firefighter, Cory Kalanick, picked the kitten up, took it outside, and then spent 15 minutes trying to revive the animal with water and a tank of oxygen, while massaging it back to life.

He was successful, the little cat revived, and the firefighter caught the entire thing on his helmet video.


Firefighter Kalanick holding the kitten while giving it oxygen, water and massaging it.

Sadly, however, the kitten didn’t make it through the night. ┬áThe SPCA says that for young animals, injuries like this – in this case, smoke damage to the lungs, can be particularly life-threatening.

Still, what an amazing job that firefighter did.

Here are two reports from CBS47 on the firefighter saving the kitten, then below on the news that the kitten didn’t make it.

First, the good news:

Then the bad news:

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