Eiffel Tower goes rainbow for a very gay 14th Juillet

My friend Philippe Lasnier in Paris posted some wonderful photos of the fireworks show at the Eiffel Tower tonight to celebrate France’s Independence Day, the 14th of July.

The Eiffel Tower was lit up in the colors of the rainbow to honor France’s legalization of gay marriage this year.


Photo by Philippe Lasnier.

While the majority of the French support gay marriage, a very loud minority, organized by the Catholic church and France’s version of the Republican party (working in cahoots with America’s religious right) have held a series of violent protests against the new law.  The coalition was quickly infiltrated by far-right extremists, some of whom, like the anti-gay activist group Hommen, have a penchant for protesting half-naked in the gayest manner possible.

Still, the homophobes, the Christianists and the conservatives couldn’t stop liberty from coming.  They seldom can.


Photo by Philippe Lasnier.

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