Dog goes bonkers when guy returns from military after 6 months (video)

A guy returns from six months away in the military and his dog – looks like a big black lab – goes bonkers.


The lighting isn’t great, but it works well enough in a video. The dog is rather amazing when it starts to whine at the end. Just adorable.

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  • BillFromDover

    “I got zip on her.”

    And so does she!

  • BillFromDover

    I believe that it’s obvious that the wrong species rules this planet.

    We need more just like this animal in congress!

  • Cletus

    Thanks Arthur. Not sure, but thanks fr also giving me an opportunity to comment bomb again with my latest in the series…

  • ArthurH

    Thanks for posting the photo any way. I needed a chuckle and… is that tin ear peering out from under the wig?

  • lilyannerose

    He may be calling himself daddy but I swear his dog is calling him son.

  • samizdat

    My wife and I watched this together last night. This was so many different shades of awesome, including hearing the wife holding the camera trying to hold back her own tears.

    As an aside (speaking of tears), my own wife sniffled a bit and wiped tears from her eyes as she watched this.

    *sigh* Dog-damn, I love that woman.

  • Drew2u

    When I come home after weeks on the job, my doggie gets all excited, looks for treats, then goes back to his pillow and looks out the window. Yeah; love you, too..

    btw: Penguin wearing a penguin backpack to carry fish from the fish-shop back to its refrigerated home!

  • SkippyFlipjack

    with some dogs this may have been titled ‘Dog Goes Bonkers When Guy Returns From Trip To Store For Milk”

  • Cletus

    John, as one of your founding fans, I never intended this as a dis of your coverage of current events, but how else do you comment bomb a post about doggy reunions with a picture of Darth Vader with Liz Cheney’s hair?

  • Beautiful.

    Every time you show one of these, John, it reminds me how much I want to have a dog in my life again. I’m thinking we need to make it a priority to find ways to make our new place here dog-friendly…

  • Can’t help it—-tears. Just wonderful……

  • Yeah, because we never discuss current events.

    As for Liz Cheney, that is very funny :) But I have nothing to say about her running. And it’s already been reported a few days ago. I try not to just put up articles linking to other things unless I have something to add. I got zip on her.

  • Cletus

    Cute, but how about some current events!

  • citizen_spot

    Sneefle. So sweet.

  • lol

  • S in PA

    So very sweet! I swear I thought I heard that dog say “I love you” a couple times in the middle of the video.

  • Constant Comment


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