Baby pig seriously enjoying a belly rub (video)

Baby pig seriously enjoying a belly rub.

Though after the baby penguin fiasco, I’m somewhat trepidacious.

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  • How sweet!

  • Badgerite

    Okay. Now I have to become a Vegan. Thanks!

  • Jim Olson

    How is this a sign of dominance? I know that pigs can become quite difficult if you do not quickly and firmly establish that you are in charge, not the pig.

  • Freday63

    Always two camps on posts like this…the “Debbie Downer” that says post like these always encourage irresponsible animal ownership/abuse and the others that want to eat the animal. Why is that?

  • There are so many videos of cute little piggies on the internet that people see them, buy one on impulse, and never stop to realize that chances are it’s going to be a >200lb animal that is basically unmanageable for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not to mention, an animal that is illegal to own in a lot of cities and suburbs, since it is considered livestock. Far too many pigs end up dumped at rescue organizations as soon as they outgrow their cute phase.

    Not to rain on the intent of the video post. Cute piglets should brighten anyone’s day. :)

  • AggieCowboy

    As cute as it is this is not actually a smart move…this is a sign of dominance on the part of the pig that could (and likely will) be a problem later.

  • cole3244

    think the next time you eat breakfast or have a blt, i know, this doesn’t add to the conversation or make one feel good because the truth hurts.

  • So cute!!!!!

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