The fake scandals hide the real ones (thoughts on Weiner-gate, and scandals that actually matter)

The Weiner scandal shows everything that is wrong with US establishment media.

The only sex behavior they recognize as a “scandal” is adultery, so the question every pundit asks is ‘what must his wife think,’ as if the only problem with Weiner’s tweets was that he was married.

The fake Weiner scandal grinds on. Meanwhile the true scandal of the New York city politician who was forced to resign after sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals to a constituent, and appears to have relapsed into similar behavior during a run for NYC mayor, is ignored.

The problem with Anthony Weiner is not that he is cheating on his wife. The original problem with Anthony Weiner was that he seems to have a problem with indecent exposure. The latest problem with Weiner is that he still seems to be seeking the same thrill.

I really have no problem with adulterous politicians. Let them post the necessary in Craigslist Casual Encounters, and line their paramours up in the halls of Gracie Mansion if they like. Borderline (or not so borderline) sexual harassment is a totally different matter.

This isn’t the first time the US media botched a sex scandal. The attacks on Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings demonstrated the extent of Washington’s lack of concern for victims of sexual harassment.

Gresham’s law holds that the bad money drives out the good. The same appears to be true of US political scandals. David Corn writing in Mother Jones reports on ‘Groundswell’, a group of lunatic electoral liabilities for the Republican Party who meet each Wednesday to discuss how to make the party more electable. Their plan earlier this year was to have Boehner and Company focus even more on the Benghazi, and Fast and Furious, scandals.

Contrary to what the establishment media would have people believe, there has been no shortage of scandals that the GOP could have used to their political advantage. Obama, for example, closed the torture chambers run by George W. Bush, but he continued and expanded the drone wars and the NSA war on privacy. The Republican party has had no shortage of genuine scandals that they could have held hearings on, but they wasted their opportunities and their credibility on stories that are only scandals to their supporters (anything involving “Susan Rice” comes to mind).

It wouldn’t take much for someone to become the grownup in the room on drone warfare. Just pointing out that other countries are going to find it much easier to acquire a fleet of drones than fighter jets on a par with NATO planes would be a start. And while the US establishment is congratulating itself on staying out of Syria’s civil war, the US military is de-facto fighting the government’s battles for them in Sudan.

Anthony Weiner is simply this week’s latest fake scandal to hide the real scandals.

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