Egyptian photojournalist captures own death on video during protests

Akhmed Samir Assem, a 26 year old Egyptian photojournalist, was recording Republican Guard soldiers shooting at a crowd of Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo when one Army soldier he was filming turned his gun to the camera and shot the journalist dead.  On film.

It’s not graphic. It is however chilling.


According to the Telegraph, the protesters were kneeling in prayer outside a Republican Guard officer’s club, where recently-ousted President Mohammed Morsi was believed to be held, when security forces opened fire on them, killing 51 people.

I found a few photos of Akhmed via a video link posted on his Facebook page – he really was a kid:



In a touching post only two weeks ago, Ahmed posted this video of a cat cuddling its newborn kitten:

And here’s the video Ahmed shot right before, and while, he was himself killed.


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