A complete song with things around the house (video)

A neat video of a kid, Randy Chang, making an entire song with things around the house.


The video is done really well, as well. It’s another balmy 90F day here in DC, and nobody I know is working (still a quasi-holiday in DC). So I’m taking it easy as well. Enjoy.

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  • Here’s an amazing hour-long concert by Hans Christian at this year’s ‘Ambicon’ ambient music convention. During this particular performance, he uses a fair amount of looping to create deeply layered musical landscapes. I’ve been a fan of his work for years now.

    Enjoy. (Note, the actual performance begins a few minutes into the video.)


  • Jonathan Weavers

    Hey John –

    Your last post [A complete song with things around the house (video)] was freaking awesome. I have gone ahead and added your stuff to my Feedly account. Please keep me updated if you post anywhere else.

    Keep rocking –


  • emjayay

    Pretty cute. I was going to make some clever comments, but if you click on the Watch on YouTube, they were already made. (Worth clicking.)

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