Weird science: How to make an instant slushie (video)

I love the guy who makes these science videos for the masses. In this one, he makes an instant slushie out of Coke, then with a Sprite. He’s even done it with energy drinks.


It’s definitely a cool trick to get the kids more into science, or just for fun. I don’t drink Coke much, other than at restaurants, but I’d do this :)

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  • John is always so good at getting back….I wonder if he ever gets any rest. :-)

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  • It wasn’t, now it’s working today. In the business parlance, I should’ve taken the action item to email John with a report of the problem.

  • Jim Olson

    An unfortunate use for a quaich, IMHO. That little silver handled bowl is a Scottish thing that is sometimes used to welcome guests to your home. You put a bit of your best scotch in it, natch.

  • worfington

    I’m pretty sure that shit is ice nine… Not to be fucked with.

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  • Monoceros Forth

    It’s been really strange for me too. At the moment the site is only coming up correctly (I hope) on my iPhone. (It’s also been broken in Chrome for months but that’s a different matter.)

  • Is it just me, or is the main page not updating with new posts? The last post showing for me on the main page is Michele Bachmann’s scary mug. The four videos posted today, and the post about the religious right threats, are not showing. I’ve tried reloading, clearing cache, and using a different browser.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    My mother did this when I was a kid. The Carolinas are like an oven during summer, so she would do her “ice box” trick. She would take three Cokes (smaller than present day Cokes) and stick them in the freezer. At lunch time, she would pull them out for her, my sister, and me. Somehow they were slushies when she brought them to the table.

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