Weekend cooking – Italian lemon granita (video)

It’s dubbed into English from an Italian program but the bottom line here is that a nice granita is the perfect drink in the summer. Be sure to set a timer (so it doesn’t freeze over into a block) and then enjoy.


When we were down in Sicily last month, I dove into a few of these as well as a delicious granita made with pistachios from Bronte, which are the best. Of course, the lemons in Sicily were quite good as well. There’s not much to the recipe and as always, go with the best possible lemons that you can afford because it does make a difference.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I had a really interesting granita di caffe (Italian ice made from espresso, then whipped cream added on top) in Rome a few years back.  Was very interesting – not sweet enough, but an interesting idea.

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One Response to “Weekend cooking – Italian lemon granita (video)”

  1. Drew2u says:

    could one add the liquor to the syrup stage to boil out the alcohol? I know the alcohol will help from it turning into a brick, but I am curious about adding it earlier into the process.

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