Weekend cooking – gazpacho (video)

I’ve been thinking about gazpacho lately because it makes me think of the perfect light food when it’s really hot. We’ve hardly had any hot days this year but I’m still hopeful that I’ll experience at least a little warm weather before the summer is over.

As he says in the video, don’t waste your time making this with those awful tomatoes purchased at the grocery store. They’re tasteless and not worth the effort. (And yes, store tomatoes in France are just as miserable and tasteless as in the US.) If you’re lucky enough to have a vegetable garden in your yard or you can find some home grown, real tomatoes, this is the only way to go.

The challenge for me when I find those delicious summer tomatoes is doing more than just slicing them up and adding a bit of sea salt to them and eating them. But this is one of those recipes that will make you glad to made the effort. It’s not a lot of work other than a bit of easy chopping. I find that sea salt adds much more flavor with raw vegetables so go with that, if you can.

He does use some store bought cherry tomatoes though I generally find that it’s easy enough to find some OK cherry tomatoes. When I’m stuck using the big, bland store tomatoes in the off season for other recipes, I tend to add in some cherry tomatoes, just because they have some flavor.

As with other recipes, this is just one person’s method and there are other possibilities. Go with what you like, avoid what you don’t like and eat what you like to eat. In cooking, there are always multiple ways to prepare a dish so play around until you find what works best for you.

Have fun!

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