Two great climate advocates: Billionaire Tom Steyer, and Josh Fox of Gasland II

For my topic today, I’m going to stick with Obama and climate despite the great celebration going on around DOMA (huge congrats for that). Take a look at the following short videos on the recent climate news.

The first profiles climate-change advocate and billionaire Tom Steyer; the second features the director of the fracking film Gasland II, Josh Fox. Two good short pieces, both climate-related.

First, the billionaire opposed to climate change

The first clip is a profile of billionaire Tom Steyer, whom we discussed here as being a big climate convert, and a big opponent of Keystone Pipeline approval. He’s an Obama donor who’s taking the President on with respect to this issue.

The Reuters piece on Steyer is a “profile.” It isn’t quite a hit piece, but skirts close. Still, there’s good information in it; well worth a few minutes of your time. Steyer is an ally and a man to watch. It sounds like he means it. Frankly if I were worth a few billion dollars, I could drop $100 million easy on this and not dent the lifestyle. So the cost to him is low (except for that whole “traitor to your class” thing he may start hearing.)


I’ll be looking for more from Mr. Steyer. Stay tuned.

And now, for your fracking pleasure

In this post we talked about Obama’s recent energy plan and how it means more fracking (sorry, “natural gas”). Coincidentally, Josh Fox, maker of Gasland and Gasland II, appeared recently on The Daily Show. Gasland, you’ll recall, is the video in which the man lit the water from his kitchen sink on fire.

Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

Fox isĀ interviewed by the terrific John Oliver. Be sure to stay for the extended web-only portion.

Great interview. All the lies (sorry, misleading statements) are exposed. Thanks, Mr. Fox, for being so clear and … well, visual. Burning water from a garden hose? Wow.

Programming note: I’ll be appearing on the Angie Coiro show, In Deep with Angie Coiro, this coming week to discuss TPP. We taped today and it was an excellent discussion. Media expert Spocko added his intelligence and savvy advice. Stay tuned for time and a link.


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