The most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in the history of politics

In one of the most unfortunate moves in American politics since Republicans kept referring to the Tea Party “teabagging,” the anti-gay Family Research Council, which has been officially designated a “hate group,” has come up with a rather odd campaign to fight the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA yesterday.

(Big hat tip to Chris Geidner who first tweeted the logo.)

FRC’s anti-gay campaign is titled “Call 2 Fall.”  (Note the number “2”, done Internet-style – rather than being written out “two” – to attract the younguns.)

The anti-gay campaign’s slogan is “On our knees for America.”

And it’s accompanied by a logo that appears to be a man performing oral sex.

frc-on-our-knees-gay-marriageI’m in too.

Even their little logo they use for the tabs on your Web browser (in the business we call this a favicon) shows the man on his knees:

by default 2013-06-27 at 6.13.19 PM

You might recall the first time the religious right tried to be “cool” by adopting the youthy Internet-style for the name of an anti-gay campaign.  It was called 2M4M – meaning, “two million for marriage.” Unfortunately, they found out a little too late that 2M4M is actually Internet shorthand for a gay couple looking for a  three-way.

So, first here’s our friend Andy Cobb’s (of Second City fame) video about the unfortunate “teabagging” incident.  Then, the second video, is Andy’s follow-up video about 2M4M.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch both videos – they’re hilarious:

And now the second video about 2M4M:

Update: Chris has now posted on this as well.

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