There has got to be a better way to announce Supreme Court decisions

There’s something unseemly about waiting on pins and needles to see if maybe today the Supreme Court will “let my people go,” or not.

Not only does the notion of submitting my humanity to a court to determine its legitimacy sting, but the entire circus surrounding the release of Supreme Court decisions, and its associated Kremlinology, isn’t befitting the gravity of the court or the matters before it.

For anyone unaware, this time of year, those of us interested in Supreme Court rulings – especially gays concerned about Prop 8 and DOMA (aka gay marriage , rush every Monday and Thursday at 10am Eastern time to the Supreme Court Web site, and/or rush to the Supreme Court in person, and wait for a man to bring out a number of boxes while the justices on the bench do, or don’t, read their written opinions either pro or con the majority decision in the case.

My civil rights are not a toy. (Cat with yarn via Shutterstock)

My civil rights are not a toy. (Cat with yarn via Shutterstock)

Then we wait on edge for the next opinion to be announced, and the next, until finally it’s over – they usually only announce 4 or so – and if the decision in our case wasn’t announced, we pack our bags, and our hopes and our fears, until the next day when maybe, or maybe not, the Supreme Court will rule us five-fifths a man, or perhaps something less.

Unlike the religious right and their Republican overlords (or vice versa), I can handle the notion of the court deciding such things. It’s the way it works in our democracy – courts decide constitutional matters.

What I can’t handle is the manner in which the cases are announced, almost as if the court is playing a game with us. Teasing us. Taunting us. Edging us along like some cat toying with its prey, undecided if it’s going to kill it, free it, or just get bored all together and walk away, looking for the next potential ball of yarn.

There has got to be a better way.

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