GOP’s religious right: Ending DADT caused sexual assaults in military

According to the Republican party’s own personal Frankenstein monster, Americas religious right, repealing the military’s anti-gay Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy has led to an increase in sexual assaults because now the military is all about sex.  And when you talk about sex, the men of the US armed forces just can’t help but rape and pillage their female counterparts.

As you know, the sexual assault of women in the military – by men – has been in the news of late, including a recent hearing in which Democrats in the Senate joined with Republicans in stacking the deck against victims of sexual assault.

I’ve said before that when you listen to Republicans and their religious right buddies, there’s a profound un-Americanness to what they say, especially as it pertains to the US military.  They really think these guys are a bunch of losers.

Here’s Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council via RightWingWatch:

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

So we’ve seen this rise of homosexual assault since the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so it is this sexualization of the military where sex becomes the focal point and it shouldn’t be. When there was Don’t Ask Don’t Tell nobody knew and that’s the way they preferred it and now it becomes front and center. I was talking with Gen. Jerry Boykin about this about how there will soon be quotas so that people who are openly gay or lesbian, that will be a factor that is considered when they’re promoted in a positive sense, ‘well we’ve got to have so many open homosexuals, so many lesbians, we’ve got to promote them.’ The ramifications of this, the unintended consequences are far and wide.


As RightWingWatch points out, every single thing these wingnuts said would happen if we let gay people serve openly, has not happened.  As for the increase in sexual assault, it’s been mostly heterosexual that we’ve heard.  And oh yeah, the notion that droves of service members who would quit if gays were permitted to serve openly?  You don’t hear much about that one either, because they don’t exist.

But to now suggest that permitting gays to serve openly has somehow convinced heterosexual men in the military to rape and otherwise sexually assault female service members, and that does seem to be what Perkins is saying, is just bizarre.

Then again, when you’re bigoted little world is crumbling all around you, you lash out at anything you can.

But what bothers me most about Perkins and his bigoted ilk is that far too many Republicans, and far too many news stations, still treat them as if they’re  a legitimate voice on social issues, rather than the hate group they’ve been officially branded.

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