Prancing Elites of Mobile, Alabama (video)

This video of the Prancing Elites all-male dance team from Mobile, Alabama – of all places – has been making its way around the Internet. I’m kind of fascinated to see something like this in the South. Not that the South doesn’t have gay culture, but this looks like it’s a gym – in public.


The Frisky explains a bit more about the dance style, called J-Sette:

J-Sette is a dance style that emerged out of southern female African-American step teams, but has now become somewhat more pervasive. You can see elements of it in Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video, with its mix of super precise and tightly choreographed moves, done with grace and flair (Beyonce always gets accused of, um, “borrowing” from different styles). J-Setting is super popular in southern African-American gay clubs.

I’m always intrigued when something this, well, “gay” becomes popular with straight culture.  I remember everyone dancing to “YMCA” in the early 90s at the office Christmas Partry when I worked for a Republican Senator. It was a bit odd.  So I’m curious what reception this is getting in the straight community in Alabama, if at all.  I googled around but didn’t find much.

Here’s the video that’s been flying around.

Here’s a second video of the Prancing Elites performing at a Mardi Gras celebration. I’d be curious if this is a straight party, a gay party, or what – and how they’re received.

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