Please take our reader survey

Please take our reader survey some time today (Saturday) or tomorrow.

These surveys help us attract more and better advertisers, and while none of us like advertising, they’re (nearly) the sole thing keeping sites like this alive in a continually tough economy for media (we do get some donations, and I very much appreciate those of you who been so generous as to have helped us out, and I’ve actually started consulting again, even though I work 14 days on the blog – no choice).

We only need 100 more people to take the survey for us to reach the threshold that we can individual data for our site.  I just took the survey myself (they asked us to), and it’s not bad.  In previous years it was WAY long,  but this time it took me probably 5 minutes.

survey-2Just FYI, the survey is geared at the gay/LGBT community, because many of our sister sites using the same survey as gay/trans-focused sites.  But you don’t need to be gay to take the survey.  Just a reader :)

So please do take a minute to click through and take the survey, if you have the time.  Thanks so much, JOHN

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