Nice video of Gay Pride in DC

It’s Gay Pride month. We had our parade and festival last weekend.


Lynda Carter, of Wonder Woman fame, was our grand marshall.  I had the surprise honor of sitting next to her at the birthday part of the kid of a mutual friend here in DC like twenty years ago.  It was just Lynda and me sitting at a picnic table having lunch, no one else around.  I was speechless.  Literally.  I said not a word.  I was having a picnic with Wonder Woman.  In retrospect, I’m bummed I didn’t speak to her, but I’ll always have the pathetic memory of being turned into goo. :)

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  • ty

    that video just gave me a migrane, who do I sue?

  • S1AMER


  • fritzrth

    It seems to be the de rigueur style nowadays. Don’t give anyone time to focus on anything; just stuff as many images into as little time as possible. And make sure they jump around all over the place, so you don’t have time to find the subject of the image before you’re kicked into the next one. I had to stop watching after a minute or so. It was giving me a headache.

  • It sucks. Hurts the eyes.

  • Hate the video. It is spastic. Just when my eyes focus on a person or thing, it is already gone. Crapola.

  • Jonas Grumby

    Wife and I went. We live within walking distance. First time. Was an absolute blast!

  • sJames6621

    it was a lot of quick snapshots out of about 2 hrs of the parade.

  • sJames6621

    Cheers and t ks for the vid. I was there at DuPont circle in DC where the haters were out in force ranting about jebus and their bibbble [sic]

    I pulled out my special weapon – a cross made out of two dildos. The younger generation loved it, and I bet that another thousand youth will realize that cnservative religion is the curse of mankind.

    Note how these so called people are so interested in what other people do with their lower half body parts

    Peeping toms or the better word – begins with a P, has a V in the middle, ends with T 7 letters total in the singular.

  • emjayay

    Sorry, but the video style is stupid, pointless, incredibly annoying, and totally ruins the whole thing.

  • Bithe4183

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  • OT: Maybe this is a good spot to ask. I noticed under recommended reading the article on the Gay couple who ran into hospital bigots (Tenn?). It garnered over 500 comments! Wow. What ever happened to them, the hospital, the bigots on staff?

  • UncleBucky

    Yep! I agree. With regard to the style, I am not too annoyed, becuase the effect is consistent. :)

  • samizdat

    Damn, she is STILL a good-lookin’ woman. Hubba-hubba!

  • cole3244

    great video, come out gay bros & sisters and lets put the bigots & haters in the closet where they belong and throw away the key, love the song but can’t place it please help.
    people being happy is as intoxicating as any drug or alcohol, linda is stunning as you say.

  • citizen_spot

    That is a rocking ’56 T-Bird that Lynda is riding in.

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