NFLer Chris Kluwe takes on Ayn Rand

American football player Chris Kluwe, perhaps best known of late for his defense of gay people in general, and gay marriage in particular, has weighed into the debate over Ayn Rand and objectivism in an article he published over at Salon.


Kluwe also has a penchant for writing, as when he took on a homophobic Maryland politician, with some hilarity.

It’s a long piece, but worth a read – here’s a snippet:

A world full of Ayn Rand’s John Galts is a world that will eventually consist of only one person, and then none, once his lifespan concludes. John Galt doesn’t care for the disasters that affect his neighbors — they can sink or swim on their own (and they’ll sink). John Galt doesn’t care for the public good, because all he can see is his own good (and he’ll wonder why it gets harder and harder to get the resources he needs). John Galt doesn’t recognize that genius arises under any circumstances (and he’ll never know how many geniuses he excluded from paradise because their parents didn’t fit his ideals, or why the population keeps shrinking).

John Galt is a remorseless shark feeding on those unable to get out of his way, the blood-churned waters boiling around him as he takes in everything he requires for his own happiness without thought of the cost to others, rending and tearing the stability of social interactions until his once-teeming world is barren and lifeless, collapsed under the gluttonous appetite of self.

Then he starves, and no one is left to mourn his passing.

Are you John Galt?

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