Pelosi’s delicious response to Bachmann over DOMA ruling (video)

Nancy Pelosi is asked to respond to Michele Bachmann’s claim that the Supreme Court decision today “cannot undo God’s word.”

Michele-Bachmann-doma supreme court

The response is vintage Pelosi.

Sometimes I really do love this woman.

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  • Agreed. I respect Clinton’s work as Secretary of State, but it concerns me how friendly she is with the C Street gang.

  • Now that her husband is potentially eligible for federal benefits, how long before the Minnesota representative’s BFF, leaves her, packs his bags for NY and shacks up with a former client? Vegas should be laying odds.

  • Thom Allen

    That pic of Bachmann is a screen capture from her video statement:

  • True, followed around by twelve single bears, except for Thomas, who looked like Mary Madelene, according to Leonardo Da Vinci.

  • I doubt he needs it, because anti-gay reparation requires daddy man hugging.

  • Yep, Joan Rivers in auburn.

  • Thom Allen

    Unfortunately, we have other Congressional nuts who will be only too happy to take up the slack.

  • Thom Allen

    And gay.

  • Thom Allen

    Her Google Glass exploded.

  • Thom Allen

    I don’t think that there was much of a preexisting BRANE to be destroyed.

  • Thom Allen

    She certainly thinks with the old lizard part of her brain. Apologies to crocodilians everywhere.

  • Thom Allen

    That picture of Bachmaniac is priceless. Looks like she just got punched square in the forehead and is reeling. Or maybe Marcus just bitch slapped her. Or she’s disoriented at being rudely disconnected from her telepathic link with God. Maybe she’s having a Botox crisis.

  • Zorba

    LOL! Naughty, K, naughty. But I love it!
    And don’t you think that Michele ought to sue her plastic surgeon? Way too much lifting in the eye area, and way too much Botox. She looks like some kind of crazed, wild-eyed alien. Of course, that may be because she is one……… ;-)

  • The scotch tape behind her ears came loose.

  • Has anyone told Michele that Jesus was a Jew?

  • “How much longer will Marcus keep up his LIE?” Until one of the foster children does a tell-all.

  • A day in hell for sure.

  • hauksdottir


    We are not a monarchy or some third world country such as India where the last name is the ONLY qualification for rulership.

    There are many more Bushes than Clintons… do you really want that family settling into their ideal of “Patrician” rule? Where Jebbie (signer of the Project for a New American Century) and his lineage lead us into another Roman-styled empire followed by another Dark Age of ignorance and superstition?

    I don’t trust Hillary, who is a member of Douglas Coe’s Fellowship. And she is a War Criminal who has followed the precedents of the Bushes, and extended them.

    The Republicans have no “bench” and have to run the same tired names over and over. The Democrats have new blood. People like Elizabeth Warren will better serve the people of this land than some heir by blood or marriage.

  • BillFromDover

    What defines a whack-job… just gaze into the eyes!

  • Tor

    I’m proud to be one of Nancy’s constituents. Who cares, indeed. I was curious how the suits answered the question, but how could they follow that?

  • olandp

    The once and future Speaker of the House.

  • S1AMER

    Nancy’s shrug was one of the high points on a day full of highs.

  • S1AMER

    Let us hope. And work.

  • emjayay

    I’m baffled every time I hear, as we have again today, Chrisitianists talking about Biblical Marriage. Exactly how many wives is that? How many concubines? The OT has a number of different answers. If you rape someone, then do you have to marry them, or whatever number of such things the OT says.

    If you haven’t seen Betty Bowers America’s Best Christian Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else, or even if you have, do yourself a favor and watch:

    And today some Mormon said God ordained one woman one man marriage as it has been for two thousand years or something like that. Really? Um, what about the 1834 to 1890 part of Mormon history, before they had to have a convenient revelation in order to become a state. Remember that? I believe that was 123 years ago, not 2000. In, you know, your entire church.

  • pappyvet

    You know, if “christians” followed their magic book,they would be stoning to death anyone that picks up sticks on the sabbath, Lucky for Humanity thst they tend to ignore much of the bible. There is very little in the new testament that could be construed as hits against gay people. But on the same note, Jesus compared divorce to adultery in Mark 10:1.. So unless the wingnuts are willing to disown their “brothers” like Gingrich and many others, I suggest they leave their mythology out of it.

  • JayRandal

    Bachmann is a nut who will be finally gone from Congress at end of next year. Unfortunately have to put up with her bigoted rants for another 18 months.

  • pappyvet


  • Abbot Mathuin

    Can’t wait until future Speaker Pelosi introduces future President Clinton for a SOTU address. Gonna happen.

  • Yup.

  • Probably for as long as Michelle doesn’t find the gay porn collection he has stuffed in all the attic crawlspaces at home.

  • Bachmann: “Boo hoo hoo! People I don’t know can do something I don’t approve of but that doesn’t affect me at all!”

  • Island In The Sky

    Michele has to be feeling quite nervous.
    How much longer will Marcus keep up his LIE?

  • Which is… always?

  • kevinbgoode

    Someone needs to tell Congressperson Bachmann that no one elected her to be the official interpreter of “God’s Word” for the American people. And someone needs to tell the Republican Party to stop assaulting the religious freedom rights of the American people through their constant insistence that they are in charge of defining and interpreting “God.”

  • condew

    Note that Bachmann’s objections have nothing to do with the Constitution, except maybe to trample all over religious freedom.

  • It’s because she’s half Lizard Person, and that’s the expression she gets whenever the lizard part of her brain takes over.

  • Monoceros Forth

    Urgh, that picture. Why does Bachmann look like that? Does she have Graves’s Disease or something?

  • Dave of the Jungle

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster has explicitly told me that humans invented marriage.

  • I don’t often agree with Nancy Pelosi, but for once I do. “Who cares what Michelle Bachmann thinks or said?”

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Maybe Michele Bachmann’s brain was destroyed by some vaccination in early childhood.

  • kingstonbears

    Historically, too bad Pelosi didn’t care. Hopefully there’s a bus coming soon.

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