“My 6 y.o. was crying, ‘Mommy, mommy, he shot the kitty’ “

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has now called for the firing of a police officer who shot five kittens to death after a mother had simply called Animal Control to remove the five feral animals who were living outside her home.

I’d reported on the shootings last night.

The police officer, reported to be Barry Accorti, has the ironic title “Humane Officer.”  Meaning, apparently, that he responds to calls about animals.

These are the actual 5 kittens the police officer shot (courtesy of KSDK)

These are the actual 5 kittens the police officer shot (courtesy of KSDK)

Accorti found himself in some hot water this week after responding to a call to remove some kittens from a woodpile outside a suburban home.  Accorti told the woman who’d called that the animal shelters were full, and that the kittens would have to be euthanized.  She consented, so Accorti took out his gun and one-by-one shot the 8-to-1o-week-old kittens dead.

He did this in front of the woman who had called in the complaint, and in earshot of her kids, who knew what was going on.

The police officer claims that he just assumed the woman knew he was going to take out his gun and shoot the kittens to death.

Because who wouldn’t assume that?

The woman’s kids immediately started screaming and crying, having just listened to five kittens being shot to death outside their home. “My 6 y.o. was crying, ‘Mommy, mommy, he shot the kitty’,” the mom told the local press.

You can read my earlier story on this matter here.

The mother, understandably, complained to the police about the shooting.  But local police chief, Mike Freeman of the North Ridgeville Police Department, says the cop acted correctly and would not be disciplined – for shooting five kittens to death in a suburban neighborhood in earshot of numerous small children.

The Ohio SPCA has rebutted the police chief’s odd claim that shooting kittens is considered an “acceptable” form of euthanasia by animal organizations.  The SPCA called for Accorti to be charged with five counts of animal cruelty and fired.

A number of our readers asked in the earlier post, what kind of human being shoots kittens?  And should a person like that be a police officer in the first place?  Not to mention, what kind of police department thinks an officer discharging his weapon to take out 5 kittens is something that doesn’t perhaps merit a bit more scrutiny?

They’re some awfully good questions.

Here’s the local coverage of the shooting:

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