Neat time-lapse video tour of Paris (France, not Hilton)

A really nicely done tour of Paris by Kirill Neiezhmakov.


I was trying to figure out where he took some of the bird’s eye video, and am thinking it was from the top floor of the Tour Montparnasse. It’s an ugly building near our place, but nice views up there from what I hear.

This is a really nice video, with some unique views of Paris that you wouldn’t normally think of shooting, but Kirill makes it look beautiful.

Paris 2013 TimeLapse in Motion (Hyperlapse by Kirill Neiezhmakov) from Kirill Neiezhmakov on Vimeo.

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  • Chris—-a delightfulseries of a city that both my father and I loved and often discussed. I have a friend there now writing poetry, inspired by the beauty of Paris. She is keeping a blog log account of it and it is charming. If the moderator allows i include the link here:

  • Thank you, Chris. That was very nice, and Paris is a gorgeous city. I hope one day to visit it.

  • ezpz

    Nice! Paris, my birth place. Thanks for this.

    Even though I was only four and a half when we came here, and I’ve not been back (shame on me), seeing this still gives me a sense of nostalgia and a longing to go – to be there.

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