“Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!” – Mayor of London to political foes

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, had a most interesting comeback to members of the London Assembly (a local body that gets to oversee the mayor, I think it’s different than the city council) during a budget meeting back in February of this year. Here’s what he called them, after they ejected him from the meeting:

“Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!”


The Huffington Post explains what led to the outburst:

The oratorical masterpiece was in response to him being ejected from a meeting to discuss the Mayoral budget and a crunch vote on council tax.

The mayors deputy, Victoria Borwick, had failed to make it for the opening statement giving the opposition the chance to rush to the voting stage to make the most of their numerical advantage.

Johnson was voted out by 16 votes to eight as chair, Jennette Arnold, told him: “The Assembly has decided it has no questions to put to you.”

Regardless of what one thinks of the man politically – I’m not terribly up on my London politics, though I do remember that this was the guy who took on Mitt Romney for dissing the UK – but you have to give the Brits credit, they do have a way with the mother tongue.

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