3 y.o. deaf boy hears dad’s voice for 1st time (video)

A three year old Charlotte, North Carolina boy, Grayson Clamp, is hearing for the first time since his birth, after receiving an experimental cochlear implant – a microchip implanted at the base of his brain. The video is adorable, it shows him hearing his father’s voice for the first time.

Of course, just like a child, he’s astounded by hearing daddy’s voice, then immediately goes back to his book.


They don’t know exactly what Grayson is hearing, what kind of sense it might make to his brain, but he clearly hears something, and that’s certainly something.  Below are two videos about Grayson and the surgery:

An here’s a good news report about the story:

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  • SpecialEd Teacher

    Maybe this is a stretch but there seems to be some secondary issue here. Perhaps autism. No eye contact. a few other traits.

  • red_zone

    Try to give dad a break.

  • Butch1

    Daddy, he needs to process it. He was obviously overwhelmed with all the sensory input so he turned away from his dad. His dad kept jabbing away at him without realizing why he was turning away. The child needed time to process what he was hearing. The voices were high and all of a sudden there is this lower sound speaking to him. He’s young and needs a little time to absorb it all. His dad needs to back off and let him take it in; he will be back with him as soon as he’s ready but stop forcing him when he’s not ready to process more than he can handle.

  • cole3244

    you really need too lay off the caffeine for a while.

  • Buck Buckerson

    Just like a fat cock in your fat ass.

  • Buck Buckerson

    Yeah, it’s really crappy to induct innocent children into hearing at such a young age! Bastards!

  • Zorba

    Not entirely sure, but I’m betting that it’s Cued Speech.

  • BradCerenzia

    What cueing are they using for the speech? It’s definitely not ASL … Anyone know?

  • milli2

    I see what you’re saying, but whats the difference between that situation and a situation where a deaf heterosexual couple purposefully conceives the “natural” way? The means by which either couple got pregnant shouldn’t matter – parenthood was a choice in both cases. You’re getting into a tricky area – whether or not disabled people have the right to reproduce if there’s a reasonable chance that the pregnancy will result in a disabled child…..

  • emjayay

    A few years ago apparently a deaf lesbian coupe had a baby by way of artificial insemination. The donor was a deaf guy, so they would have a deaf kid. It worked.

    Don’t get me started.

  • u34twnnwmg
  • I was wondering about that as I was watching. I get the controversy, but am not sure I agree. Is this really the same thing, curing deafness, as saying, for example, that you can “cure” someone from being gay (if a cure existed?) I would most certainly want any child of mine to be hearing. Having said that, Dan Savage told me during our interview that had he a choice he’d prefer his child be straight, and I can understand that too.

  • kh7463

    Awesome! The only thing that would make that video even better is if it had been close-captioned. :-/

  • nicho

    These devices, especially their use on children, are very controversial in the Deaf community.

  • cole3244

    this video makes my smile but sad at the same time.

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