Televangelist Joel Osteen: The Titanic sank, but Noah’s Ark floated, so something

I came across a posting on Facebook from televangelist Joel Osteen that really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.  As someone else noted on Facebook, it’s a good indication of the divide we face in this nation between right and left, reason and faith, and more.


In the post, Osteen tries to divine something, well, divine from the “fact” that experts built the Titanic and it sank, while rank amateurs built Noah’s Ark, and it did just fine.


So much is wrong with that statement.

1. It’s a lot easier for a ship to survive when it’s not clear it ever even existed.

2. It’s also a lot easier to build an unsinkable ship when God is the guy who draws up the plans for you.  Though, in an odd way, that’s Osteen’s point.

3. If the guy who drew up the Titanic’s plans had infinite knowledge of the future, he could have built an iceberg-proof ship too.

4.  Let’s not forget: God cheated. Who do you think sent the iceberg in the first place.

5. Who knew Osteen was a gay vampire?


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