Dan Savage with the secret on how to handle your parents (video)

This nearly 4 minute video is of advice-columnist Dan Savage offering tips on how to come out to your parents, but really it could be tips on dealing with your parents generally.

The dynamic Dan describes could be any troublesome parent-child relationship, not just a gay-straight one, and not just a coming out one. Tell me this rule only applies to coming out: “That tantrum your parents are throwing will not stop if you allow it to work.”


Dan Savage

It’s a short video, and a good one.  I do find it funny that the video starts with a parental warning that the content is explicit It’s not explicit at all.  It’s just good advice.

Dan has a new book out, by the way, and we’ll be doing a chat or a Google Hangout with him soon (we haven’t decided which), so stay tuned for info on that. You can find Dan’s new book, “American Savage,” here:



And here’s Dan:

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