My interview with Dan Savage about his book, bisexuals & Mai Tais (video)

I hosted a Google+ Hangout On Air today (Friday June 14) with sex advice columnists, author, LGBT activist, and my friend Dan Savage.

We talked about Dan’s new book, “American Savage,” and about other things like how a gay guy knows so much about straight sex, whether bisexuals are real, whether gays “should” get married, whether he’d choose for his teenage son to be straight or gay (his answer might surprise you), his Catholicism, and Dan divulges his husband’s secret Mai-Tai recipe.

Photo by © LaRae Lobdell

Photo by © LaRae Lobdell

I had no idea Dan was on the Colbert Report this week! Here's the clip:

PS I'm going to add a few links to Dan's writings that I'm finding in preparation for the interview:

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